Episode 337 – Somehow, Palpatine has returned….

RDT returns from America’s Wang and the guys cover all the pop culture, and other, news of the week. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds spoilers at 1:14:25. Thor spoilers at 1:18:52. And Ms. Marvel spoilers at 1:28:05.

  • Weekly Ezra Miller update (spoilers, other people are awful too)
  • Rob Zombie’s The Munsters trailer
  • Lilo & Stitch gets a director
  • Bad Boys 4 inevitable
  • Micro-flix?
  • Even more murders in the building
  • Non bundled ESPN+ will now cost $9.99
  • Gen V
  • Fallout begins
  • Lots of fun (and expensive) Lego sets coming
  • Nintendo Pictures
  • Sony Bungies
  • More Trevorrow Episode IX concept art leaks
  • Zeke Stane?
  • Ms. Marvel is a hit
  • Adam Scott is (in) Madame Webb

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