Episode #340 – WTF @ WBD?

Boy did this week blow up. We have some regular news but it gets shot out of the water with the happenings over at Warner Bros. Discovery. Give it a listen.

  • Nick Offerman joins MI 8
  • Doug Liman’s Jake Gyllenhjaal Roadhouse remake rounds out its cast
  • Everything Everywhere All At Once directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert (The Daniels) sign 5 year ‘pact’ with Universal
  • Godzilla vs. Kong Origins
  • Noted non Latino (Portuguese/Swedish, and Russian Jewish) James Franco to play Fidel Castro
  • The Flash will end with a shortened season 9
  • Keanu jumps to ‘TV’ will play the lead in The Devil in the White City
  • Roku will bow live stage play of Heathers the Musical
  • Leaked Tomb Raider script seems real after Square DMCAs it.
  • Andor trailer, series delayed until 9/21, 3 episodes dropping
  • Matt Reeves will not direct The Penguin series
  • Joker: Folie a Deux set for Late 2024
  • Oscar Isaac teases a Moon Knight season 2
  • The Flight Attendants Zosia Mamet joins Madame Inn Webb
  • The complete dismantling of the DCEU and other WBD properties.
  • Batgirl fully canceled and shelved at WBD
  • Scoob! sequel canceled
  • Supergirl may suffer the Batgirl fate
  • Strange Adventures (the DC-set anthology) is dead
  • HBOMax quietly removes 6 streaming movies from it’s platform
  • Aquabro 2 reportedly switches out a Micheal Keaton Batman scene with a Batfleck one
  • Weekly Ezra Miller update: They’re still nuts
  • Related: WBD is still planning on moving forward with The Flash movie
  • Walter Hamada threatened to quit following the Batgirl cancelation
  • A full restructuring of the DCEU and a 10 year plan is coming
  • HBOMax and Discovery+ to combine in summer 2023
  • Stock has plummeted in reaction

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