Episode #342 – Yikes

Another week brings another podcast from the guys. They’ve got you covered on all the week’s entertainment and pop culture news.

  • RIP Wolfgang Petersen
  • Regal’s parent company, Cineworld, filing for bankruptcy
  • Baby goose joins Ocean’s 11 prequel…
  • Ferris Bueller spin-off about the valets that took the Ferrari for a joyride
  • Disney developing Big Thunder Mountain movie
  • National Treasure 3 script sent to Nic Cage
  • Days Gone movie in development
  • Neve Campbell joins ABC drama Avalon
  • Jurassic World: Dominion extended edition coming to Peacock
  • John Wick prequel moves to Peacock from Starz
  • Jonathan Kent being recast
  • Nextstar purchase of The CW goes through
  • Cobra Kai season 5 trailer
  • Wednesday teaser 
  • WBD continues to gut HBO Max
  • RIPD….2…?
  • Big studio complex planned for DTLA
  • Ezra Miller heading to vaguely worded “mental health treatment”
  • Per Dwayne, Black Adam deserved his own movie
  • Emelia Clarke possibly will be playing G’iah/Gloria Warner in Secret Invasion

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