Episode #347 – Knockin’ Naboots

Fake bands and real news as the guys lie about it being a short one. Sorry, we are verbose gentlemen.

  • Top Gun Maverick spoilers: 1:19:20
  • Andor spoilers: 1:37:35
  • She-Hulk spoilers: 1:54:40
  • Clo4field
  • Jurassic World: Bildominion
  • Pierce Brosnan dgaf about Bond, James Bond
  • Chris Redd and Queer as Folk both leaving NBC
  • Back Inside Amy Shumer
  • Rihanna will perform @ Superb Owl ½ time show
  • New Capt. Boomerang
  • Watch Sandman faster!
  • JLo: Assassin
  • Enola Holmes 2 trailer
  • “Wednesday” will launch on Wednesday, 11/23/22
  • AppleTV+ knows what to do with Vince Gilligan and Rhea Seehorn, but is clueless about Will Smith
  • Ring Nation should go away
  • John Cena may be the nicest guy in the world
  • Ted Lasso heads to the uncanny valley of Fifa ’23
  • JEJ:AI
  • When someone asks if Ezra Miller is a god, you say NO!
  • F4 writers announces

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