Episode #348 – HBOCock+

Another doozy of an episode with tons of Entertainment and Pop Culture news!

  • RIP Coolio
  • Lizzo plays James Madison’s 200 yr old Crystal Flute
  • The Bruce doesn’t sell his deepfake rights
  • Star Trek Sequel removed from schedule
  • Kiki Lane discusses being cut from Don’t Worry Darling
  • New Planet of the Apes begins casting
  • Sony gets the Tarzan movie rights
  • New American Pie movie in development
  • Seth Rogan and Disney to make a Figment movie
  • SEC files suit against original Movie Pass guys
  • Danny Boyle is making some kind of immersive dance Matrix thing
  • Zaslav says WBD is not looking to sell to Comcast
  • …And a Movie
  • Trevor Noah leaving The Daily Show
  • Interview With The Vampire picked up for season 2 ahead of debut
  • Kevin Bacon joins BHC:AF
  • Netflix is building its own game studio for some reason
  • Stadia is dead
  • Grendel not going forward at Netflix.
  • Apparently Blonde is terrible
  • Last of Us trailer
  • Tubi’s Depp/Heard Trial trailer
  • Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman confirm Wolverine for Deadpool 3
  • Bassam Tariq bolts Blade
  • Wakanda Forever, literally
  • Armor Wars is a movie now
  • Harrison Ford rumored to be new Thunderbolt Ross

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