Episode #358 – Midlife Crisis on Infinite Earths

Lots of news this week, kind of surprisingly, opening with some sad celebrity deaths.

  • Who needs writers anymore?
  • Avatar 4 (4v4t4r) “goes nuts” according to James Cameron
  • Ghostbusters: Afterlife 2 has a new director and an old location
  • Election 2
  • Mean Girls: The Movie: The Musical: The Movie
  • Teen Wolf trailer
  • Lots of Daily hosts through next fall
  • Matt Lucas leaving GBBS
  • D+ ad tier not working on Roku
  • HBO Max/Discovery+ new streaming service to just be called MAX
  • Fboy Island canceled
  • Dark Tower series in development
  • ToeJam & Earl….. the movie….?
  • Remo Williams returns
  • Jake Gyllenhaal presumed innocent
  • Kevin Conroy gets one last “at Bat”
  • Star Wars Jedi Survivor – March 2023
  • Last of Us PC
  • Lotsa DC stuff canceled
  • he Flash moves….. up a week

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