Episode #360 – Silent Rick, Deadly Rick: A Rickmas Tradition

It wouldn’t be the holidays without our yearly tradition of having Rick on the podcast to bring cheer and just a little gore. With RDT off on assignment Loren and Rick talk the holiday week’s entertainment and pop culture news!

Glass Onion spoilers @ 01:46:55

  • Harvey Weinstein to rot in jail
  • Because fuck it, Gisele may return in Fast X
  • James Cameron is still a dick to fans
  • Nick Cage Superstar
  • Academy is being pressured to drop the gendered awards
  • Lawsuit awarded to the group claiming false advertising in Yesterday
  • That 90s Show trailer
  • Enormous new Netflix studio opens in Fort Monmouth NJ
  • Netflix Ad tier is it’s least popular
  • D+ coming in 2023 teaser
  • Youtube TV will be getting the Sunday Ticket add on after paying 2 bildos for it.
  • Fans reverse engineered Dark Forces to run on modern consoles
  • Ray Fisher is bad at showbiz, even when he’s right
  • Gal Gadot not officially done as WW
  • Gunn also open to Elseworlds stories
  • Gunn’s DCU will take some inspirations from the DCAU and Young Justice
  • DTRJ issues statement about the future of Black Adam in the DCU
  • Black Adam Reshoots ballooned the production cost to 260m
  • Black Adam doesn’t even do well on streaming
  • Agatha Coven of Chaos adds Patti Lupone to cast

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