Episode #366 – Copper & Wool

Big DC news this week! But before we get into it, we cover the rest of the wee’s pop culture news.

  • WGA also not a fan of WBD
  • Jafaar Jackson to play his uncle, Michael
  • ScreaVI is long
  • Guy Ritchie’s The Ministry Of Ungentlemanly Warfare has a hell of a cast
  • Eddie Murphy likes money
  • Bad Boys 4 (not life) v Aladdin 2
  • Gladiator 2
  • No more Freecock
  • Night Court picked up for season 2
  • Frasier’s heading back to Boston
  • Kathy Bates-led Matlock reboot in development
  • P+ w/S news
  • People want their shows to be successful
  • Supes and Lois sticking around
  • Netflix to feature GM electric vehicles
  • Netflix releases then walks back new password sharing rules
  • Squid Game reality show production was a disaster
  • That 90’s Show picked up for season 2
  • Marvel’s Hit Monkey picked up for season 2
  • King of the Hill reboot picked up
  • Reboot canceled
  • Disney considering licensing out some of its content to recoup some of its streaming losses
  • Roku/Tubi pick up Westworld, The Nevers (all 12 episodes)
  • Pennyworth canceled
  • Simple Fav2r
  • No Halo Infinite DLC story in development
  • Saweetie to perform Super Bowl concert in Roblox…. is a sentence…..
  • Spotify overinvested in podcasts like Rogan/Megan Markle
  • Star Wars: Visions volume 2 release date – May 4

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