Episode #367 – Hey Dude is Yellowstone 1989

We send our congrats to the winning team of the big game by talking about all the entertainment and pop culture news of the week.

  • Fast X trailer
  • AMC setting ticket prices based on seat
  • I Know What You Did Like 20 Summers Ago
  • Michael B. Jordan says Creed IV is definitely happening
  • Strays trailer
  • Air trailer
  • Ballerina Overdrive from David Leitch with Lena Headey
  • Another Riddick film is ridic
  • Peacock testing a Watch With service to interact with talent in real time
  • The Late Late Show to be replaced with @Midnight reboot
  • Two Dexter prequel spinoffs in the works
  • Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies trailer
  • Yellowstone might be done after season 5
  • Was the final kiss in You People CGI?
  • Disney splits its assets into 3 divisions; Entertainment, Parks, ESPN
  • Plans to shut down Disco+ as its own service fizzle.
  • Avenue 5 canceled
  • The Peripheral gets hotfix patch 2.0.0
  • Spider-Man Noir series happening on Prime
  • Ben Stiller will play the adult triplets in Three Identical Strangers adaptation
  • Showtime picks up Uncoupled after it was canceled at Netflix
  • Netflix picks up Ripley after it was abandoned at Showtime
  • National Enquirer sold to group that includes indicted ex-MoviePass chairman
  • You can order Doordash through Roku now for some reason
  • Flash poster
  • Iger saved Feige’s job from Perlmutter
  • Evangeline Lilly wants a Wasp movie, also likes money

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