Episode #427 – We’re Doin’ It Live!

The guys are trying something new! For the foreseeable future they’ll be live streaming episodes and putting them up as podcasts after the fact. But don’t worry they still have you covered on all the entertainment and pop culture news you crave.

  • Martin Mull passes away
  • Paramount pulls ComedyCentral.com
  • AI-generated Al Michaels voice will give Olympics recaps
  • Sony bought the Alamo Drafthouse chain
  • Inside Out 2 making all the money
  • Here trailer 
  • Soulm8te M3gan spinoff
  • Freaky Friday 2 begins production
  • P+ prices going up again
  • Only Murders in-show doppelgangers cast
  • Welcome to Derry, Lanterns and Harry Potter all move to HBO proper
  • Batman: Caped Crusader teaser
  • Red One trailer 
  • Josh Gad developing Spaceballs sequel for Prime Video
  • Blue Beetle animated series in development
  • Penguin teaser
  • Set photos from Superman
  • Marvel’s heading back to Hall H
  • Feige confirms F4 is alternate NYC 60’s set

All that, the Weekly Watched and of course tangents.

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