Episode #386 – So Many Navy Crimes!!!

The guys are back and they’re talking spoilers and news!

Silo – 1:20:13

Secret Invasion – 1:25:41

Flash – 1:30:20

  • DGA, more like DGAF
  • Comic-Con in Crisis (that’s a good pun)
  • New Emmy and Oscar rules
  • Failing up continues
  • John Wick to continue falling down those steps
  • Bambi live action
  • Everything is moving
  • American Auto recalled
  • Magnum misfired again
  • Colbert sticking around
  • More Navy Crimes!
  • P+ goes the Zaslav route
  • Zoey 102 trailer
  • Gotham Knights canceled
  • Supes Bloodbath
  • Netflix Bites
  • Ryan Murphy getting the D+
  • Linda Hamilton getting Stranger
  • Dan Stevens is the new voice on Solar Opposites
  • WBD-flix
  • Velma season 2
  • Silo season 2
  • Video game news
  • Reddit is dumb
  • Blue Beetle DCU-bound
  • Flash bomb
  • BB scrapped
  • Andy Muschietti will direct Batman again
  • No Domino in DP3
  • Kraven trailer
  • Al Mueto
  • At least 2 Spider-Verses
  • AI Secret Invasion backlash
  • Marvel pays them their money

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2 thoughts on “Episode #386 – So Many Navy Crimes!!!

  1. Hey guys. First, congrats to Ryan and the Professor! I’ve never met either of you, but after, what has is been, seven years of listening to your voice every week, I feel like I’m part of the family.

    I know I’m a few weeks late, but wanted to say that I really liked the special franchise ranking episode. I would t want you to permanently scrap the normal format, but it was a fun change. I also have a request/recommendation for if you ever have a similar situation. I love when you guys talk about how you would script out the future of franchises. I would love to hear an episode where you both say what you would do with Star Wars, how you’d introduce the X-Men to the MCU, how you’d fix DC, where does the Indy franchise go from here, etc.

    Finally, I have a question: I’ve never seen a single second of the Fast & Furiouses, but I love when you guys talk about them. Because of work/kid/life, I don’t usually have a ton of time to watch full-length movies, so I have to pick and choose. You said in your ranking conversation that watching them in the order you ranked them would be crazy, so can you do a preferred watch order for someone whose not likely to make it thru the whole franchise and would like to really hit the cream of the crop?

    Thanks as always (now from Kosovo) for the hours of entertainment!

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