Episode #177 – Break off a cool bildo, please….

As Chuck the Dog makes all the noises, the guys talk all the pop culture. 

  • Toy Story 4 makes a lot of money but not A LOT of money
  • Bill & Ted get a villain
  • Halloween 2 (3? 12???) moving forward
  • Jill Soloway replacing Bryan Singer
  • The Stand starts casting
  • Netflix cancels Good Omens
  • DC rebranding its comics line
  • Josh Gas is NOT the Penguin
  • The Trench is(n’t) scary
  • The Flash is about to slow down
  • Tom Hardy back for Venom 2….yay…..
  • Feige gives us a big MCU update
  • Endgame still trying to beat Avatar
  • Black Widow 2?
  • Dark Phoenix not rising from the ashes

All that, what we watched and more tangents. 

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2 thoughts on “Episode #177 – Break off a cool bildo, please….

  1. RE: King of the Monsters tag (spoilers)

    One of two things is likely to happen, both borrowed from the 90s-era Godzilla movies: 1) genetic engineering/exposure to nuclear energy will create a new Ghidorah or 2) they’ll go full Mecha-King Ghidorah and graft the head onto a new mechanized body. Either way, the only way I’m going to bother with Godzilla vs. Kong is if Ghidorah shows up in it as the real “villain”. Otherwise, no thanks.

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