Episode #240 – Troop Beverly Hills Cop

Not much going on this Labor Day weekend. Hopefully, you all stayed in and stayed safe. Here’s some pop culture news!

  • Troop Beverly Hills 2?
  • Anna Faris is no longer a Mom
  • Star Trek Day
  • Alan Ritchson is the new Jack Reacher
  • The New The Godfather, part III
  • Mando!
  • The Batman shuts down again
  • Ray Fisher and WB both fighting and discussing working together again
  • Silk (not Stalkings) the series

All that, plus our tangents and what we watched (here’s the link to Nando v. Movies Why TRoS Doesn’t Work Loren mentioned).

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Be safe. Wash your hands. Wear a mask.

One thought on “Episode #240 – Troop Beverly Hills Cop

  1. The first major re-edit of The Godfather movies was done in 1977. The Godfather and Godfather Part II were re-cut and put in chronological order and retitled “The Godfather Saga”. Deleted scenes were added and existing scenes cut (along with violence/sexual content) in the process. It clocked in at like 7 hours long and added over an hour of unseen material. It aired on NBC. A cutdown version of that was released on video. There was another recut of it that reinstated the violence cut for TV (it was available to stream on HBO at some point), and a third version that incorporated The Godfather Part III (it’s over 9 hours long). None of these made it to home video past the VHS/Laserdisc era, so they’re all a bit rare. Apart from that, there were some sound effects changes made when they did the 5.1 remix of the first movie when it was remastered for blu ray. My hope is that there’ll be some kind of ridiculous box set a la Apocalypse Now when the movies hit UHD. 4K scans exist, so it’s only a matter of time.

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