Episode #242 – Fisty McArmpumper

Another week, another two hours of two dudes talking all things pop culture, except music and sports. But we do cover such topics as:

  • Mulan is making money
  • Tenet is not
  • Tom Hardy is (probably not) the next Bond
  • More like Stumped-town, amirite?
  • Amy Sosa has a couple more trips to the (Super)store to make
  • NBC and Roku finally make a deal
  • Paramount+ is a dumb name. Yeah, we said it.
  • Riverdale to the future?
  • Animaniacs first look
  • Hollywood finally starts listening to us (DC Universe becoming DC Universe Infinite)
  • PS5 cost, release date and launch titles
  • Star Wars Squadrons cinematic short
  • Mandalorian Season 2 Trailer
  • Kang to conquer… Ant-Man…..?
  • Wanda will have 2020 Vision (how the hell did I not say this during the actual podcast?!?!?!)
  • Neither Alison Brie nor Betty Gilpin are She-Hulk
  • Ms. Marvel gets a whole bunch of directors

All that, plus our tangents and what we watched.

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