Episode #371 – Settle Down Brenda

The guys are back with a metric ton of entertainment and pop culture news!  Poker Face spoilers: 01:37:30 The Last of Us spoilers: 01:41:30 The Mandalorian spoilers: 01:47:13

  • “Rust” gun destroyed
  • Speaking of guns, Baretta star Robert Blake died
  • Chaim Topal passes away
  • Bert Gordon passes away @ 100
  • Will Smith embarrassed/hurt by Chris Rock’s jokes
  • Seth Rogen butthurt by negative reviews
  • Tim Robbins can go fuck himself
  • $126K Oscar gift bags
  • ScreaVI makes all the money
  • Jenna Ortega in talks for Beetlejuice 2 as Lydia’s daughter
  • Hannah Waddingham joins MI8
  • No Hard Feelings trailer
  • Creed-verse is coming
  • Bob Oedenkirk starring in The Room remake for charity
  • Apparently D&D is pretty good
  • L&O: OC loses its 4th showrunner in a year
  • Price is Right moving to Glendale
  • Bedrock pilot presentation sets its cast
  • Devil in the White City dead
  • Daniel Bruhl to play Karl Lagerfeld
  • New pricing for *ugh* Max
  • WBD bonuses increased based on how much $$$ they can slash
  • Canceled Scooby Doo movie leaked
  • Barry to end with upcoming season 4
  • Prime picks up Batman: Caped Crusader for 2 seasons
  • Jury Duty trailer
  • Roku could lose 25% of its cash if SVB fails
  • Ghosted trailer
  • Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League delayed
  • Iger Says Disney Theme Parks Were Priced Too High In “Zeal To Grow Profit”
  • Warner Music CEO says music streaming services should charge more
  • Bad Robot sets up Stage division
  • Feige and Patty Jenkins Star Wars flicks officially scrapped
  • Michael Shannon confused by his return as Zod in The Flash
  • James Gunn rumored to also be directing Superman: Legacy
  • Big Shazam spoiler in tv spot
  • Bernthal returning as The Punisher
  • Vanessa Fisk recast for DD: BA
  • New indigenous hero for What If…? season 2

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