Episode #380 – 20 Minutes or Less…

We’re back with some strike updates, pop culture news and Ted Lasso spoilers @ 1:28:50

  • F12 could be a thing
  • Beetlejuice Beetlejuice
  • Freakier Friday
  • Meg 2 trailer
  • Lords of Wars
  • Life of Chuck
  • Die Hard Ridley
  • A bloodbath of cancelations
  • Please Don’t Get a Theatrical Release
  • SWAT swatted then un-swatted
  • Animal Control picked up
  • Hulu getting the D+
  • Dr. Who trailer
  • Est Tombé
  • Destiny IP
  • Thrawn is a bad guy
  • Beast Lex?
  • Guardians 3 doing well

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