Episode #407 – Nine Nine!

We’re back with pop culture updates galore!

The Marvels spoilers @ 1:23:26

  • Hunger Games makes some money, but The Marvels does not
  • Denzel is Hannibal
  • Tim Miller will adapt Alien Legion for WBD, TBD if it’ll actually come out
  • Fall Guy moves up
  • 4zen
  • C4eed
  • Garfield trailer (surks)
  • Jimmy Kimmel returns (to the Oscars)
  • Burn Notice off the beat
  • Irrational gets more, Lopez vs Lopez gets less
  • Young Sheldon done
  • 5 shows booted from Netflix
  • Unstable, season 2
  • CS Lee joins Cobra Kai
  • Harley Quinn season 5
  • Masters of the Amazon
  • TLOUP2 remastered coming
  • Supergirl has a writer
  • Superman has an Engineer
  • Reed Richards finally cast?
  • DDC exits Kang Dynasty
  • Steven Yeun is The Sentry?
  • What If….? trailer
  • Madame Web trailer

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