Episode #415 – Roadkill & the Bear

It’s Tuesday (but really Sunday). So, we’re talking pop culture!

Doctor Who spoilers – 1:31:12

Monarch spoilers – 1:36:15

  • Mean Girls more like Money Girls
  • Fast 11 – back to basics
  • Star Trek prequel
  • Top Gun 3
  • Tom Cruise making movies for WBD
  • David Gordon Green gets exorcised
  • Abigail trailer
  • Scream Neven?
  • 28 Years Later
  • Mickey 17 on ice
  • Selena Gomez IS Linda Ronstadt
  • Good day to the Good Doctor
  • The Office: Rebooted
  • Old people liked the Golden Globes
  • Young Sheldon’s brother show
  • Halo season 2 trailer
  • Kelsey Grammar wants Shelley Long for season 2 of Frasier
  • ESPN is DUMB
  • Julia’s Flag is canceled
  • Kaitlyn Dever is Abby
  • More video game layoffs
  • Barbie – women in film
  • Purple Rain: The Musical
  • Mando & Grogu: The Movie
  • Sterling K. Brown wants to play John Stewart (not that one)
  • Foggy and Karen returning for DD: Born Again
  • What if creator bolts
  • Wonder Man starts filming again

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