Episode #374 – This Is The Way

Loren’s off covering Wrestlemania. So, The Professor returns to help run through this week’s pop culture news.

Mando spoilers @ 1:22:50

  • D&D takes down JW
  • Bye Bye Bri Guy
  • Ms. Nobody
  • Asteroid City trailer
  • Who is Bella?
  • More Mole People
  • More like Aristoconfusing why this is a movie
  • Taraji P. Henson guesting on Abbott Elementary
  • Lots more Trek coming
  • Yellowstone Paleyfest is a total shitshow
  • Scott Pilgrim: The Series
  • Man on Fire: Also The Series
  • More like Ike Perlmuted
  • Muppets Mayhem
  • Trevor Noah lol’ing
  • Ryan Coogler rebooting X-Files
  • Vince McMahon finally telling it his way
  • F4 gets a new writer
  • Daredevil reboot already getting a season 2?
  • Betty Ross returns

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