Episode #420 – Mountcock+

Apologies for 50% crappy sound this week (and being late). RDT hasn’t finished unpacking yet. But hey, at least we’re back!

  • Wicked trailer
  • Twisters trailer
  • Borderlands trailer
  • Fast finally slowing down
  • Ballerina dances to 2025
  • Sam Mendes directing 4 Beatles movies
  • Gareth Edwards directing one Jurassic Whatever movie
  • Suits: LA
  • MountCock+
  • Supes dies again
  • True Detective, season 5
  • Avatar ok
  • A lot of people in The Building
  • RIP Freevee?
  • He-Man stuff
  • Fubo suing Sports-lu
  • Superman: Legacy cast photo
  • Deadpool & Wolverine trailer
  • X-Men ’97 trailer
  • Fantastic Four cast
  • Madame Web not good

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