Episode #421 – Business Trips and Bildos™

We’re back before another short hiatus and in that time we’ve got all of the entertainment and pop culture news for your ear holes.

  • Terrence Howard ordered to pay $1MM in back taxes
  • VO Artist Mark Dodson dies
  • Comedian Richard Lewis dies
  • WWE Hall of Famer Virgil dies
  • Adobe AI generates music from text
  • Road House getting sued for AI and copyright
  • The Rock owns Jabroni
  • Oprah bails from WW
  • Dune 2 makes all of the money
  • First look at The Crow reboot
  • Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead remake
  • Naked Gun remake releasing in 2025
  • Eugene Levy moves into the Building
  • Hacks gets all the fun guest stars and a trailer
  • Jonah Nolan confirms Fallout show is canonical to the games
  • Neuromancer heading to AppleTV+
  • AppleTV+ experimenting with licensing movies to stream
  • Wendell Pierce is Perry White
  • Superman loses its Legacy by gains an S shield

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