Episode #393 – We’re Corruptible, We’ll Take Bribes

The strikes continue but so does the news. The guys have you covered as always on the pop culture and entertainment week that was.

Spoilers for The Afterparty @01:24:42 and Star Trek: SNW  @01:26:56

  • Iger walks back his strike comments
  • Adam Devine walks back his Marvel comedy comments
  • Sound of Freedom backer arrested for felony kidnapping
  • Networks and streamers have all passed on Golden Globes
  • William Friedkin passes away
  • Johnny Hardwick passes away
  • Sandra Bullock’s partner Bryan Randall passes away from ALS
  • WGA and AMPTP back at the table
  • Marvel VFX crew moving forward with unionization
  • Barbie hits its bildo
  • Louis Letterier walks back F&F trilogy talk
  • Contestant booted from Big Brother for dropping the n-word
  • Jodie Sweetin disappointed new movie ended up on GAF
  • D+ ups its prices
  • Over the Garden Wall being removed from Max
  • HBO orders The Franchise
  • Max may get into live sports
  • Gizmodo editor sues AppleTV+ over Tetris movie
  • Blue Beetle is the best DCU movie ever, we guess, **shrugs**
  • WW3 is NOT in development
  • The Marvels is….. wacky…?

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