Episode #394 – Hurriquake 2023

Might be Tuesday. Might be Wednesday. Regardless, it’s pop culture time!

  • Spoilers:
    • Afterparty – 1:10:07
    • Only Murders – 1:16:57
  • Blue Beetle to become trivia question (and is also pretty good…?)
  • Less Stars on Mars
  • More Warrior Nun and Scott Pilgrim
  • Percy Jackson teaser
  • Less League and Peripheral
  • More monsters
  • Keith David replacing Lance Reddick in Destiny 2
  • Cap musical coming to an end
  • Elon wants to remove the block feature from FKA Twitter
  • Ahsoka dropping Tuesdays
  • Star Wars: The Bad Batch continues
  • Who is Jennifer Kale?
  • Thunderbolts (not) a sequel

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