Episode #401 – Too Many Ryans

Happy Tuesday! The guys are here with all the pop culture news of the week, plus some spoilers!

  • John Wick 4 – 0:22:56
  • Only Murders – 1:10:28
  • Ahsoka – 1:19:48
  • Loki – 1:31:10
  • Exorcist: Believer not good, and not making money
  • More Wicks a-comin’The Beekeeper trailer
  • Beekeeper Trailer
  • MLK biopic
  • SNL + 3
  • Drew loses writers
  • More like iCanceled
  • Roy bolts the Daily Show
  • Netflix will continue to suck after the strikes are over
  • Only (more) murders
  • Max is #1
  • Disco is not
  • Top Gear is or is not canceled
  • Bring It On: Cheer or Die does not have zombie cheerleaders in it
  • Cyberpunk live action something

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