Episode #402 – No You Got Your NPR Shows Confused

A bit of a delay this week but we think it’s worth it. The guys have you covered on all of the week’s pop culture and entertainment news as always!

Spoilers for Loki @ 01:35:46

  • Levar Burton replaces Drew Barrymore
  • Jada says her and Will have been separated since 2016
  • Piper Laurie, Phyllis Coates, Suzanne Somers, and Keith Giffen passed away
  • Dreamworks animation lays off 70 people
  • Blumhouse/Atomic Monster merger “very close”
  • Best Buy will stop selling physical discs
  • SAG/AMPTP talks stop
  • Taylor Swift makes more of all the money
  • Kick-Ass reboot coming
  • Thin Man reboot
  • Heat 2 moving forward
  • Iron Claw trailer
  • Based on a True Story gets season 2
  • Frasier reboot not good
  • A bunch of new guest hosts announced for The Daily Show
  • Scott Pilgrim trailer
  • 39% of Subscribers Will ‘Most Likely’ Cancel Subscriptions if Prices Increase
  • Afterparty canceled
  • Monarch: Legacy of Monsters trailer 
  • Suits something in development
  • Miramax gets tv rights to Halloween
  • New voice of Mario is some guy named Kevin
  • Microsoft/Activision deal closes
  • CDPR unionizing
  • John Riccitiello is out at Unity, effective immediately
  • Disney testing roaming droids at the park
  • Blue Beetle lowest grossing DCEU flick
  • Aquabro 2 is a mess
  • Daredevil reboot being rebooted
  • The Marvels tracking soft
  • Loki backlash over use of AI in marketing

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