Episode #404 – Too Many Dead Dicks

We hope you all had a fun Halloween but now it’s time for serious business. The guys are here to talk all the pop culture and entertainment news from the last week.
Spoilers for No One Will Save You @ 01:05:59   Loki @ 01:10:45

  • Gen Z wants less sex in movies
  • Richard Roundtree and Richard Moll pass away
  • A.I is here to stay because porn has embraced it
  • Strike talks continue into the weekend
  • Five Nights @ Freddy’s will dethrone T. Swift @ the box office
  • Some theaters put an intermission into Killers of the Flower Moon
  • Snow White first look, pushed to 2025
  • MIDRP2 pushed to 2025, might have a name change
  • Fantastic Beasts officially “parked”
  • Highlander reboot moving forward
  • Fatal Attraction and Rabbit Hole canceled at P+
  • Pete Holmes Netflix comedy special
  • Doctor Who Disney+ trailer 
  • Samaritan 2 moving forward
  • Fallout drops 4/12/24
  • AppleTV+ raising their prices to $9.99
  • Barbarian getting a video game adaptation
  • Daredevil reboot gets actual showrunner
  • Thor 5 rumored, sans Taika

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