Episode #405 – How Does Science Work?

Pop culture. Two dudes. What else could you want? Loki spoilers? Sure! They’re at 1:27:08.

We’re also talking about:

  • The Academy is as free as shipping at a non-Amazon retailer
  • Throw Papa From the Train…?
  • Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes teaser
  • Fall Guy reboot trailer
  • Extremely Hot Women and Somewhat Average Dudes
  • Hunger Games gets a waiver
  • FNAF makes more of all of the money
  • Yellowstone: 2525
  • @fter Midnight gets a host
  • Who TF is Joe Pickett?
  • RIP Supes
  • Letterkenny ends with 12
  • Futurama gets 2 more
  • Prison Break returs, kind of
  • Everything pushed to 2025
  • Poltergeist: The Series
  • 007: The Race to a Million
  • Nautilus on the move
  • Bungie updates
  • Microsoft surks
  • Interesting Hondo Ohnaka casting rumors
  • Echo trailer and other updates
  • The Marvels not tracking well….
  • MCU in shambles, I guess

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