Episode #410 – Our Apologies to The Dinobots

Someone is a bit hungover this week, but that just makes for some interesting stories from the world of entertainment and pop culture. Apologies if this episode smells like mescal and bad decisions.

  •  Yellowstone dudes suing over coffee
  • Netflix, Adam McKay sued over copyright infringement for Don’t Look Up
  • Casey Wilson says Tim Allen surks, internet agrees
  • Ryan O’Neal passes away
  • Norman Lear passes away
  • Jonathan Majors damning texts entered into evidence
  • Diddy accused of gang rape
  • Netflix CEO’s pay themselves lots of money
  • Netflix production accountants unionize
  • Terrence Howard suing CAA
  • SAG/AFTRA ratifies contract
  • Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper Cold War spy thriller in development
  • Ryan Reynolds high-concept ensemble action comedy in development
  • Paramount picks up Ok Boomer script
  • Paramount circling Coyote vs. Acme
  • Uncharted 2 script written
  • Lucky Hank canceled
  • John Oliver renewed for 3 more seasons
  • Dr. Phil teams with Christian broadcaster
  • Adam McKay bolts serial killer comedy for another project
  • D+ gets more than 100 complaints about a trans character on Doctor Who
  • Max 2024 teaser 
  • Mr. & Mrs. Smith teaser 
  • Spider-Man Noir live action show gets showrunner
  • Foundation renewed for season 3
  • It’s a Wonderful Sleep Story to use AI Jimmy Stewart voice
  • Mando season 4 being reworked as a movie?
  • Sean Gunn to play Maxwell Lord
  • Supergirl rumored to appear in Superman: Legacy
  • Kurt Russell rumored for Jor-El
  • Gunn had nothing to do with Shazam tag
  • Echo is apparently pretty good, reminiscent of DD season 1

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