Episode #411 – Grissom’s Dong

Grissom’s dong, pop culture and Monarch spoilers (@1:14:45):

  • Ocean’s (not) 14
  • IF trailer
  • Civil War trailer
  • D2ne trailer
  • Kung 4 Panda trailer
  • Saw XI
  • Walking: The Movie
  • All Barbie, All the Time
  • The Rock is not in his 30’s
  • Baby Goose not a Wolf, Man
  • Showtime rebranding as Paramount+ w/Showtime
  • Netflix data revealed by….Netflix!
  • Rebel Moon is not good
  • BHCAF teaser
  • Good Times reboot voice cast revealed
  • Curb curbed
  • Timecop: Impossible
  • Mo Better Omens
  • Mayam booted
  • HammTV+
  • Pla2onic
  • Tucker Carlson to continue sucking online
  • TLOU multiplayer killed
  • E3, too
  • DC on TUBI
  • Aqua-bro no mo
  • Eyes of Wakanda animated series

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