Episode #412 – We’ll Make Our Own With Blackjack and Hookers

A Happy Crimbo and other various holidays to you all. Here’s a podcast where Loren is very sick, but still manages to talk for an hour with Ryan about the week’s entertainment and pop culture news.

  • James McCaffrey, voice of Max Payne, dead at 65
  • John Schneider is a POS
  • Vin Diesel accused of sexual assault
  • Jonathan Majors found guilty of 2 counts of assault and harassment, out @ Marvel
  • WBD/Paramount in early talks to merge
  • Lionsgate spinning off from Starz, $4.5B evaluation
  • Shining Vale canceled, forever
  • The FAST Ocho
  • What We Do in the Shadows ending with season 6
  • Wednesday spinoff w/Uncle Fester in development
  • One Piece Anime remake of the live action remake of the anime
  • Warrior canceled
  • Aqua-bro 2 is not good, and not doing well

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