Episode #417 – If There’s a Hole….

Apologies for being late this week. Life, you know?

  • Razzies
  • Oscars
  • Road House trailer
  • Ricky Stanicky trailer
  • Monkey Man trailer
  • Nat King Coleman Domingo
  • SNL 1975 female leads cast
  • TR3N
  • Jennifer’s Bodies
  • Chris Pratt has Mercy
  • Jurassic Space?
  • Wolf Packed it in
  • Jon Stewart returning to The Daily Show
  • More like Monday Night Rich
  • Netflix sucks
  • 3cher
  • Video game companies suck
  • Bad Batch season 3 trailer
  • Supergirl cast
  • More Superman
  • Lewis Pullman is Bob
  • Bullseye returns
  • Madame Web probably sucks
  • Hopefully Spidey 4 won’t

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