Episode #418 – James Cameron’s Submarine Bed

While trying not to get washed away in the deluge that is upon Hollywood, the guys do their best to bring you the latest pop culture and entertainment news.

  • Carl Weathers passes away at 76
  • Director Mark Gustafson passes away
  • Movie Pass exec convicted of embezzlement
  • Jake Gyllenhaal destroyed $30MM film
  • Universal pulls songs from TikTok
  • Jason Reitman (and group) buying the Fox Theater in Westwood
  • Byron Allen (and group) wants to buy Paramount Global
  • Avatar animators vote to unionize
  • Jim Carrey confirmed for Sonic 3
  • Beetlejuice Beetlejuice title confirmed
  • Tim Burton to direct Attack of the 50 Ft Woman remake
  • Brad Pitt joins The Movie Critic
  • Donnie Yen knows Kung Fu
  • Extraction director Sam Hargrave will Kill Them All for Paramount
  • SNL 75 dudes cast
  • Sam Waterston leaving L&O; Tony Goldwyn to replace him
  • Suits: LA picked up to pilot
  • Section 31 in production
  • Catherine O’Hara joins cast of TLOU season 2
  • Dark Places being (re)adapted as a limited series
  • Obliterated canceled
  • Hijack, somehow, picked up for season 2
  • Death Stranding 2: On the Beach
  • More Universal Epic Universe deets
  • Elijah Wood and Daniel Noah to Launch Mutant with Former Mondo Founders
  • Milly Alcock is Supergirl
  • Marvel’s ‘Thunderbolts’: Geraldine Viswanathan Replacing Ayo Edebiri

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