Episode #364 – More Like Cobra Bye!

RDT returns from south of the border to join Loren covering the week’s pop culture news.

  • Even conservatives hate Gina Carano’s new movie
  • Tron 3, starring Jared Leto, moving forward
  • Antoine Fuqua directing Michael Jackson biopic
  • ScreaVI trailer
  • Night Court, smash hit
  • NCIS:LA ending after 14 years
  • CW: Golf
  • Last of Us is a hit!
  • Reed Hastings steps down as CEO
  • Cobra Kai picked up for 6th, and final, season
  • Amy Jo Johnson passed on Power Rangers reunion special
  • Meryl Streep murders
  • Chapek fails his way to $20MM
  • Amazon lays off Comixology, and stops Smiling
  • Rami Malek to play Buster Keaton
  • Gossip Girl canceled
  • Velma season 2 confirmed?
  • Channel 4 plans to launch its ‘most outrageous’ show yet as it invites strangers to have online sex using Bluetooth-synced toys
  • Jason Segel developing Space Ghost reboot
  • Regal going the way of the Arclight
  • Mando season 3
  • Xosha Roquemore cast in Cap 4

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One thought on “Episode #364 – More Like Cobra Bye!

  1. Hi! This is Loren’s friend from college, Greg Viola. First of all, I live in Kosovo now (in case that’s popping up on your listener metrics, it’s me).

    I just watched the show Bust Down (6 episodes, Peacock) and it might be the funniest show I’ve ever seen. A quick google search shows me that it’s unconfirmed for a season 2, which seems outrageous to me?! Two quick questions for you guys:

    1) Have you seen it? If not, do yourselves a favor.

    2) As the closest thing I know to Hollywood Big Shots, can you please exert all of your entertainment industry influence and get this amazing show renewed?

    Please and thank you.

    Love the show, still listen to every episode.


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