Episode #197 – It’s Taco Tuesday!

As the guys talk takeout, they also cover all things pop culture.

  • 5cream
  • Venkman returns….?….!
  • Soul trailer
  • More like Fresh Gone From the Boat! (Sorry….)
  • BH9021-Oh no! We were also cancelled!
  • Crisis teaser
  • HuluFX
  • D’Arcy Carden is in a League of her Own
  • Bat-casting
  • Joker has made some money….
  • To stay up to date, you’ll have to subscribe to Disney+
  • Japanese Spidey set for Spider-Verse 2

All that, what we watched and a few tangents.

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Weekend Watch – 11/8/19

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

Doctor Sleep

Loren: I feel like I’m supposed to care about this much more than I do. I know that usually I’m the one that’s into what the characters are up to later in life but I never really thought about it in this context. I’m hearing it’s pretty good though so maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about.

RDT: If you’ve listened to the podcast at all since they announced this, you may have heard me talk about the book upon which this film is based. It’s honestly not terrible (which may be damning it with faint praise). I found the grown-up Danny stuff with the girl to be really well done. I could’ve read another whole book just about them. I don’t want to get into spoilers but…. the villains are…… interesting, but not scary. And King made some……changes to the shining that I fundamentally disagree with. That all being said, I’m watching The Shining Friday night and seeing this Saturday morning.

Rick: Early word is that this is actually good. I know. I’m as surprised as you are, especially considering how divisive reviews of the novel were (confession: I didn’t read it). I’ll probably watch this eventually out of curiosity. I’m more excited to watch Warner Bros. restoration of The Shining, which I’m sure probably happened (at least in part) because of this super late sequel, so I’m grateful for that.

Jen: This looks pretty good, surprisingly. I do love the original The Shining film more than the book. Not sure how much this hews to one or the other or if it doesn’t matter… Either way, I probably won’t see it on the big screen, but I’d be down to catch it on streaming down the road.

AJ: I just heard on a podcast that the most successful movies based on King materials are not in the horror genre (Shawshank and Stand by Me). I found that interesting. And that is all I can contribute to this leg of the conversation because all that Shining stuff scares the b’jeezus outta me. I would, however, totally see DOGTER SLEEP.


Loren: I wonder if anyone else thinks this looks like an even worse Pearl Harbor.

RDT: I’ve never seen Pearl Harbor, so why would I watch a shitty knock-off?

Rick: Apparently this movie is a disaster. Not in the fun, Irwin Allen way, but more the MIchael Bay’s Pearl Harbor variety. I’d say you could go back and watch the 1976 version with Charlton Heston and Henry Fonda, but I don’t know that you’d have a much better time.

Jen: Is this related to Pearl Harbor in some way? I mean it REALLY looks just like it – not in a good way.


This is giving me all the Michael-Bay-Pearl-Harbor vibes and that is not a compliment.

Playing With Fire

Loren: I know I’m the wrestling aficionado of HPN but this isn’t doing it for me. I prefer Cena on the silver screen to the flatscreen, but this seems below what he is capable of.

RDT: Kindergarten Cop may not have done it first, but it did it best. Sorry, Cena, it’s not that I can’t see you in this movie, it’s that I won’t see you in this movie.

Rick: Dear John Cena. You’re better than this. Also, this looks like it should have been a Disney Channel TV movie, not a theatrical feature. And this release date is unfortunately timed. After all the horrific fires out here I have a hard time getting behind a movie that is more fire fighter buffoonery than heroism. This is probably going to die on the vine.

Jen: AJ makes a very good point that I hadn’t thought of. Maybe this is the inevitable growing pain of a star. But then what’s Keegan Micahel Key’s excuse?

AJ: It’s important to remember that before we got the version of The Rock we know and love, we had to suffer through his horrendous CGI Scorpion King and Tooth Fairy. John Cena gave us gold in Trainwreck so I know he can do better. Continue reading

Episode #196 – Electric Spider Goo

Entertainment News? Pop Culture? Weird Personal Stories? You’ve come to the right place:

  • Paul Feig to direct Dark Army
  • Peacock? More like Free-cock!
  • Superman and Lois in development
  • Felicity will be back for Arrow series finale
  • HBO not moving forward with GoT prequel
  • HBO picks up GoT prequel
  • Pennyworth renewed for season 2
  • Pearson canceled
  • The Witcher trailer
  • AppleTV+ shows aren’t great
  • Hocus-er Pocus-er
  • HBO Max details
  • Playstation Vue will shut down in January
  • Benioff and Weiss have “stepped away” from Star Wars
  • Full Mandalorian trailer
  • Pedro Pascal is Maxwell Lord in WW84
  • Spiderverse sequel official. To be released April 2022
  • Ant-Man 3 is happening with Peyton Reed

All that, the Weekly Watched, and of course tangents!

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Weekend Watch – 11/01/19

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

Terminator: Dark Fate

Loren: I’m kinda super in to this. Fingers crossed it’ll be at least better than all the other post T2 movies.

RDT: This is the fourth third Terminator, but only the second third Terminator James Cameron considers the “official” third Terminator. And it’s the first third Terminator that he is directly involved in. So, when you think about it, how could it be bad?


I’m super hyped for this. I mean, I’m prepared to be disappointed, but still super hyped.

Jen: RDT said exactly what I was thinking.

AJ: I will 100% see this and no doubt, be 100% let down by it.


Loren: That trailer probably makes this look a lot more action packed than it really is, but I’m glad the story is getting it’s mainstream cinematic due.

RDT: Am I the only one that thought that was a horrible trailer? It’s a story I’m curious about and want to see cinematically. But this version just seems…… shallow.

Rick: If there’s a story that deserves to be told well, it’s this one. This is already getting an Oscar push from Focus, so my expectations are high. Fingers crossed this is as strong as it looks.

Jen: It’s about time this made it to the screen and I couldn’t love this cast more. I’m looking forward to this with high hopes.

AJ: It looks like the story of Harriet Tubman as told through a Disney’fied lense, right? I don’t know…. I think Ervo’s performance is apt to be stunning but the movie itself looks a little subpar. I want this to be grittier.

Motherless Brooklyn

Loren: I know that the Tourettes is the hook to this story but maybe it shouldn’t be. Just make a noir movie with a down on your luck guy as your protagonist instead of marginalizing someone who’s disabled.

RDT: Dax Shepard considers him a friend. He really is a great actor, in my opinion. And he’s the second best cinematic Hulk. Plus, asshole or not, we need more movies like this being made. Plus, I think it looks pretty good. If reviews are decent, I will make an attempt to see it in the theater.

Rick: The source novel is excellent (and one I’ve been meaning to re-read), and an adaptation has potential to be just as good. I’m worried that this is going to go sideways, mostly via performances, but I have hope.

Jen: AJ, I’ll see your feelings about Norton and raise you a Baldwin. They both took me out of this trailer, which seems, otherwise, like a fine neo-noir.

AJ: First of all, let’s all congratulate Bruce Willis for making a movie that I wouldn’t categorize under “boat payment.” Beyond that, there is just something about Norton that comes across as so arrogant and gross and, for me, I find it permeates into his performances. I’m just not that excited for this. Continue reading