Weekend Watch 06/14/19

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

MIB International

Loren: This… doesn’t look good. I love the cast but yeesh. Maybe Men in Black movies subscribe to the every other theory like Star Trek.

RDT: Great cast and…. that seems to be it.

Rick: I didn’t like the first MIB movie, so I never bothered with the sequels. This one I’m sort of into, but the little alien character that tags along with Hemsworth/Thompson annoyed me in the trailer. I can’t imagine it’ll be less irritating over the course of two hours.

AJ: Fun/weird fact about me: In 1997, I saw Men in Black in theaters THREE TIMES. I just loved it. But I wish the franchise would retire. MIB 2 wasn’t good, MIB 3 was “meh” for me… I read a couple favorable reviews of this and I happen to think Hemsworth has superior comedic timing but it’s just a pass for me. I will look for it on HBO someday.


Loren: Oof. Speaking of not looking good. I don’t know who thought this was the right direction to go for a rebootquel of Shaft.

RDT: This is dumb. Go see Booksmart!

Rick: I want this to be at least watchable, but I have a feeling it isn’t. The Shaft movies have been a study in diminishing returns since Shaft’s Big Score came out in 1972. I mean, that and Shaft in Africa are fine as a product of their time, but I wouldn’t call them good. They certainly don’t measure up to the original movie. And the only good thing about the first Sam Jackson entry is Jeffrey Wright’s turn as the villian. This will get a curiosity watch out of me, but not until near the end of its run or on video.

AJ: I once heard Sam Jackson say his criteria for choosing roles is “‘Will I have fun?’ and ‘Will I get paid?’” So I guess this did that for him. It does nothing for me.

The Dead Don’t Die

Loren: This feels like it’s five years too late. I also have no idea why Jarmusch would want to make a Zombie Comedy. I absolutely love everyone in this movie but it feels like they are doing their friend a favor and probably should have just said they were busy that weekend.

RDT: I’m kind of interested, I guess. But, yeah, enough with the zombies, please.

Rick: The only reason I’m interested in this is because it’s a Jim Jarmusch movie. I certainly don’t love everything of his I’ve seen, but I want to know what kind of weird spin he’s putting on the zombie genre. Lord knows it needs something to make it interesting anymore.

AJ: Ok, I just love Tilda Swinton so much but let’s put that aside. It’s nice all these cool people are doing Jarmusch a solid with this, right? (Basically what Loren said.) Continue reading

Episode #175 – Don’t get in the fridge.

For real, don’t. It’s dangerous. Almost as dangerous as all this pop culture! (Sorry…..)

  • Jurassic Park 6: Jurassic World 3
  • The Real Ghostbusters
  • Billie and Thea’s Excellent Adventure
  • Sigh….Kevin Hart is gonna get…..Scrooged….I guess…..whatever
  • The Good Place to end with season 4
  • The Da Vinci Code prequel series in development
  • Apple+ “For All Mankind” teaser
  • Punky Brewster returns….maybe 
  • Sneaky Pete will sneak no more
  • Elizabeth Hurley is Morgan Le Fay
  • Swamp Thing finished before it barely started
  • Warner….plus…..?
  • Jedi Fallen Order gameplay first look
  • First poster for Wonder Woman ‘84
  • Asgardians of the Galaxy?
  • Dark Phoenix is…. not….. good……

All that, what we watched and even some tangents. 

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Weekend Watch – 06/07/18

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

X-Men Dark Phoenix

Loren: I hate that I don’t care about this movie, but the X-Men movies have systematically taken any of the good will I had for the franchise (of some of my favorite comic characters) and beaten it to death. There’s other problems afoot here besides the terrible time period continuity of these movies though. I really feel like you need to tell the story of The Phoenix before you get into Dark Phoenix, which is the same problem the terrible X-Men The Last Stand partially suffered from. This just crams it in to a 2 hour summer tent pole that doesn’t mean anything anymore. Furthermore, with the Disney acquisition of FOX, this movie is super irrelevant seeing as Marvel will start to pepper their own mutants into the MCU. Probably starting after Far From Home in Phase 4. Which is a shame because if nothing else these movies have been cast well. Honestly, I really just wish that Logan (or even better Logan Noir) had been the last movie in the X-Men franchise, what a perfect way to have ended it.

RDT: 22% on Rotten Tomatoes. That’s worse than X-Men Origins – Wolverine!

Rick: My opinion mirrors Loren’s, especially regarding the absolute irrelevancy of this movie after Disney’s purchase of Fox. I’ll be sad to lose this group of actors, but glad this more miss than hit series of movies is closing up shop.

AJ: My opinion also mirrors Loren’s. A lot of people credit Iron Man with launching America’s love of comic book movies but we often forget X-Men came out eight years before it. And I loved that movie. And X2. I am (maybe?) in the minority that loves Days of Future Past, too. But agreed, they have completely overlooked any kind of timeline consistency in order to cram as many stars as possible into these movies. They have mucked up a lot of iconic storylines — more than once. Apocalypse was so bad, I think I watched it while I did a research project and scarcely remember details of it…. And Rick is also right. With the purchase of Fox by Disney, this is really an irrelevant release now. I wish they’d left it alone with Logan. That movie’s quality was what the entire franchise shoulda/coulda been. (And look at DIsney trying to MCU the PR machine for this film, putting the whole cast on Kimmel. Cute.)

The Secret Life of Pets 2

Loren: Glad they switched out Louie for Patton but I still don’t care about this movie. The first one was way worse than I thought it was going to be and the marketing blitz for this one is TOO much. Smell ya later forever Secret Life of Pets 2.

RDT: I tried watching the first one a while ago. Five minutes in, I was good. I get it.

Rick: Oh no. Not even a little bit.

AJ: With the first one, all the fun was in the trailer and frankly, the movie stunk. So I’m not interested in spending any money on this sequel. (It is getting some good reviews – I’ll probably see it when it gets to Netflix or whatever.)

Late Night

Loren: I really wanted to like that but it just felt VERY Mindy Kaling. Like so much.

RDT: I got no beef with Kaling. And I like Emma Thompson (no relation). Sure, I’ll give it a shot.

Rick: My enjoyment of Emma Thompson may just outweigh my middling feelings about Mindy Kaling. Not in theaters, though. I’ll wait until this drops on Amazon Prime. Also, I fully support AJ’s dream (see below). Make that shit happen!

AJ: I am on a personal crusade. I want Emma Thompson to join me and my girlfriends for a happy hour. I just adore her. This love affair started in 2014 when she presented at the Golden Globes drunk and barefoot. God bless her.  I will now see anything she is in. So yes to this. Continue reading

Episode #174 – I Hate My Neighbor and His F*@#ing Motorcycle

It’s Podcastus Interuptus this week as Loren’s neighbor decides this is the perfect time to do a little engine revving. But the guys carry on as best they can with the week’s news. Stories like:

  • Masters of the Universe poster
  • Rambo: Last Blood trailer
  • Marc Webb directing live action Snow White remake
  • Onward trailer
  • NBC cancels Abby’s, The Enemy Within, and The Village
  • Silicon Valley to end after Season 6 on HBO
  • Dark Crystal Age of Resistance trailer
  • Glow – season 3 will drop August 9
  • Galaxy’s Edge opens
  • Joel Kinnaman confirms involvement in THE Suicide Squad
  • Warner Bros confirms, Robert Pattinson is THE Batman
  • New Mutants getting reshoots for 2020 release
  • Dark Phoenix ending reshot because it was too similar to another superhero movie

All that, the Weekly Watched and of course tangents!

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