Weekend Watch 06/14/19

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

MIB International

Loren: This… doesn’t look good. I love the cast but yeesh. Maybe Men in Black movies subscribe to the every other theory like Star Trek.

RDT: Great cast and…. that seems to be it.

Rick: I didn’t like the first MIB movie, so I never bothered with the sequels. This one I’m sort of into, but the little alien character that tags along with Hemsworth/Thompson annoyed me in the trailer. I can’t imagine it’ll be less irritating over the course of two hours.

AJ: Fun/weird fact about me: In 1997, I saw Men in Black in theaters THREE TIMES. I just loved it. But I wish the franchise would retire. MIB 2 wasn’t good, MIB 3 was “meh” for me… I read a couple favorable reviews of this and I happen to think Hemsworth has superior comedic timing but it’s just a pass for me. I will look for it on HBO someday.


Loren: Oof. Speaking of not looking good. I don’t know who thought this was the right direction to go for a rebootquel of Shaft.

RDT: This is dumb. Go see Booksmart!

Rick: I want this to be at least watchable, but I have a feeling it isn’t. The Shaft movies have been a study in diminishing returns since Shaft’s Big Score came out in 1972. I mean, that and Shaft in Africa are fine as a product of their time, but I wouldn’t call them good. They certainly don’t measure up to the original movie. And the only good thing about the first Sam Jackson entry is Jeffrey Wright’s turn as the villian. This will get a curiosity watch out of me, but not until near the end of its run or on video.

AJ: I once heard Sam Jackson say his criteria for choosing roles is “‘Will I have fun?’ and ‘Will I get paid?’” So I guess this did that for him. It does nothing for me.

The Dead Don’t Die

Loren: This feels like it’s five years too late. I also have no idea why Jarmusch would want to make a Zombie Comedy. I absolutely love everyone in this movie but it feels like they are doing their friend a favor and probably should have just said they were busy that weekend.

RDT: I’m kind of interested, I guess. But, yeah, enough with the zombies, please.

Rick: The only reason I’m interested in this is because it’s a Jim Jarmusch movie. I certainly don’t love everything of his I’ve seen, but I want to know what kind of weird spin he’s putting on the zombie genre. Lord knows it needs something to make it interesting anymore.

AJ: Ok, I just love Tilda Swinton so much but let’s put that aside. It’s nice all these cool people are doing Jarmusch a solid with this, right? (Basically what Loren said.)

Limited Release


Loren: I like Theo Rossi both from Sons of Anarchy and as Shades in Luke Cage, but this looks pretty mediocre. I’m also well past glorifying the mob. It’s done and played out by now.

RDT: Hey! Have you seen a mob movie before????

Rick: I’d like to thank the makers of this trailer for giving me the entire arc of the movie in two and a half minutes. Saved me sooooooo much time.

AJ: I can seldom resist a mob movie — but I will resist this.

The Outsider

Loren: Is this some serious version of Shanghai Noon starring Trace Adkins? Why would I want to watch that? There are so many better modern Westerns to watch.

RDT: I get bored with good westerns. Why would I watch this one?

Rick: I have no idea who Trace Adkins is, but I agree with Loren. I already have a small backlog of newer westerns to watch ahead of this meh-looking effort.

AJ: God. No.

Say My Name

Loren: I won’t remember this by the time I’m done typing but it is interesting to see Nick Blood playing this type of character after only knowing him as Hunter in Agents of SHIELD.

RDT: Based solely on the title of this movie, I really want to see Shazam! again.


AJ: That looks fairly awful to me. And I wish they used Destiny Child’s “Say My Name” in the trailer.

Saving Flora

Loren: Haven’t we seen this movie like 100 times already? Maybe David Arquette should stick to wrestling.


Rick: This feels like a movie Disney would have made in the early 90s, only substantially less tolerable. No thanks.

AJ: Guys, I watched this in a Starbucks and when “Tom Arnold and Rhea Perlman” flashed on the screen, I said “WHAT THE HELL?” out loud.

Our Time

Loren: I’m not sure about this, only because it’s not the type of story I normally go for. It’s got a great look to it though.


Rick: It feels like the kind of slice-of-life drama I can get into. I’ll keep an eye out for it.

AJ: Cinematography looks gorgeous but it just has “trying too hard” written all over it.


Loren: I like Diane Keaton and Brendan Gleeson to give this the benefit of the doubt. It does have a lot of clichés going against it though.

RDT: This looks really sweet. And I’m glad they didn’t make it with, I dunno, like, Domhnall Gleeson and Margot Robbie instead. Although….. that actually doesn’t sound ½ bad.

Rick: This looks pretty charming, and love both the leads, but I’ll probably never get around to seeing this.

AJ: Diane Keaton is my best friend (she doesn’t know it but it’s true). So ya know, I’ll go out to support my bestie. But can I step on a soapbox for a minute and beg Hollywood to create better roles for older, talented actresses?

Deep Murder

Loren: Like, I’m sure this is garbage but every once in a while I’m down for some really stupid comedy. I’m hoping this is that. I’ll check it out streaming.

RDT: Interesting premise but it doesn’t look funny. Comedy needs to be funny!

Rick: That premise kind of has legs, but this screams of trying to hard to make everything funny. Or, at least what the filmmakers think is funny. This needs to be more Game Night and a lot less of whatever the hell this is. Also, Katie Aselton is a delight and deserves better.

AJ: As my mom says, “Not my circus, not my monkeys.”

Being Frank

Loren: Jim Gaffigan is great, the premise of this movie… not so much. Aw cute they get to be a family again with his second family. Gross.

RDT: So, when I was a teenager, my friend Andy and I would drive around my hometown. Not really do anything, just drive and talk (and sometimes throw candy at people’s houses….but that’s a story for another time). Anyway, one Saturday afternoon, we were cutting through a neighborhood and thought we saw my dad watering the grass in front of a different house. We looped around and confirmed it was, in fact, not my father. But for years after that, we always joked about my dad having a second family. Not with him, mind you, just between us. When my dad passed away, we were both like “Dude….who’s gonna tell the other family???”

Anyway, I like Jim Gaffigan, but this trailer did nothing for me.

Rick: To be fair, there are a couple of decent lines in there, and this concept could be funny. Weird, but funny. I just don’t think this iteration is going to cut it.

AJ: I’m kind of surprised Jim Gaffigan did this because his whole thing is that he’s a “clean” comic and this felt a little “scandalous” for him? But that said, I kind of dug the premise. Can’t say I’ve seen this before except as a more creepy Lifetime Channel movie subject.

Avengers of Justice: Farce Wars

Loren: We’re still making these huh. Why? Also, Amy Smart is better than this. I’d love to say Shawn Michaels is too, but I guess being a WWE Hall of Famer doesn’t really pay the bills.

RDT: What AJ said, literally, like word for word. Also, fuck that guy.

Rick: If I’m going to watch a knock-off Avengers/Incredibles movie, it’ll be the ridiculous Guardians (2017) flick from Russia. This looks like the hottest of garbage.

AJ: Wait, isn’t that the guy from “The League” who lied about 9/11? Have we forgiven him yet? Also,this looks just terrible.



Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese

Loren: I wasn’t sure about that going in but I dig the story being told. If I’m up for a music doc I might give this one a whirl. If nothing else I like the footage they’ve found and restored.

RDT: I just don’t care about music. Sorry.

Rick: I’m woefully behind on my documentary watching, but this is definitely making it into the queue.

AJ: So I’m not at all a Dylan fan BUT I do love a music doc and certainly Scorcese so I will add this to the queue.

Jo Koy: Comin’ In Hot

Loren: I wish I found Jo Koy funny, alas I do not.


Rick: Uh, no. No thanks. Also: AJ’s reaction gives me life.

AJ: That looks pretty awful…. In fact, I wish I could show you the face I made while I watched this trailer. Oh wait, I guess I can.


Loren: I really wanted to like that, but it did absolutely nothing for me.

RDT: That one chick reminds me of a young Eliza Dushku (not like that, you pervs!) and I swear I’ve seen her in something else. But I just don’t care enough to check.

Rick: So, it’s a low stakes, more wholesome, but still snarky version of The Bling Ring? Eeeh. I may give the pilot a spin.

AJ: Totally opposite, Loren. Had low expectations and kinda dug that!

Aggretsuko Season 2

Loren: I kept meaning to watch Season 1 and forgot. But this is still on my list.

RDT: Yeah, I’m never gonna watch this.

Rick: Myself and the little Aggretsuko that hangs out in my office are super excited for the new season: To AJ: Rilakkuma and Karou (also on Netflix) might be more your speed.

AJ: I read the description and wishes it were live action. It sounds cute but watching the trailer turned me off.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 3

Loren: The first season is my favorite of all the Marvel Netflix shows. The second season wasn’t amazing but it was still very good. I have to finish Daredevil and Punisher still but I’ll probably jump the line on those and dive into this. I’m sad these characters got a raw deal after the Disney/Fox buyout but here’s to hoping they can squeeze them on to Hulu down the road.

RDT: I read they were given notice and were able to properly close out the series. So, that’s good. I will likely give this a watch sooner than later.

Rick: I’m still a little terrified of David Tennant after the first season. Season two is good, but it suffers from being less focused and sending some characters off in ridiculous directions. Early word is that this is a return to form. I’ll be sad to see this show go, but hopefully we can at least get the character back down the line. She’s too good to let fade into TV eternity.

AJ: I am glad we get another season here. This was easily the best of the Netflix Marvel shows and I was not sad the other ones got pulled. I do need to finish up the second season before I dive into this. I will, though.

Murder Mystery

Loren: When will our long national nightmare of Sandler’s Netflix deal be over? This at least looks like it tried to be a movie. Good for them.

RDT: Adam Sandler’s stand up special on Netflix is amazing. Just watch that instead.

Rick: I just threw up in my mouth a little.

AJ: Uh….. For the sake of my friendship with someone attached to this film, I will withhold comment….. But I guess I just sort of commented, didn’t I…..




Loren: I don’t think this series is going to be for me but I know The Lady™ is all in for it.

RDT: Zendaya is tall. That’s all I got.

Rick: That’s easily one of the best trailers I’ve seen in a long time. I’m sold.

AJ: I could probably get into this. I’ve warmed up to Zendaya in the last year so, yeah.


Absentia Season 2

Loren: What the hell even is this show? I mean I know I didn’t see season one but this trailer is just a jumbled mess. Like, I think I want to watch it but I don’t know because I can’t tell if there’s a good story there or not.

RDT: Hey! It’s Lady not-Castle from Castle! Watch. Her. Act!!!!

Rick: I’m with Loren. I have no idea what the hell is going on in that trailer. Just give me a quick set up of what’s going on then throw all the disconnected images at me. Then you might get me to backtrack and watch the first season. At this point, like AJ, I’m overloaded with content. I can’t be bothered with this.

AJ: How do I keep seeing trailers for second seasons of shows I’ve never heard of season one? There is too much bloody content. I am the “get off my lawn” guy of content now. Also, Amazon made more of this but passed on “Last Tycoon?” I’m annoyed.

So that’s your upcoming weekend in review. Let us know what you saw, liked and/or hated.

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