Episode #422 – Zaslav Surks

We’re back after a brief hiatus to dive into the world of pop culture!

  • We (still) don’t care about the Oscars
  • KFP4 and D2ne make all the $$$
  • Little Shop of Halloween Horrors…..?
  • The Crow trailer
  • Hello, again, Sydney
  • SMB2
  • The cast is Among Us
  • Snowpiercer moving to AMC
  • The B34r
  • Only Galifianakis in the Building
  • Salem’s Lot headed to Max
  • Video games kinda suck right now
  • Roque Squadron back in flight?
  • Still no WW plans (but there are totally WW plans)
  • Teen Titans go—ing live action!
  • The Batman needs more time

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