Weekend Watch – 01/18/19

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release


Loren: I gave up on Shyamalan directly after The Sixth Sense. This movie will not change that.

RDT: Looks like I’m flying solo on this one. I love Unbreakable, and found Split enjoyable enough. So, given that, and despite the reviews, I’m in for this movie

Rick: I have nothing but disdain for Unbreakable. I do, however, enjoy the hell out of Split. Well, until it ties into Unbreakable. That felt tacked on and entirely unnecessary. That feeling of “but why?” extends to this movie. My dream was that James McAvoy’s character goes completely bonkers and murders everyone. Given that this is rated PG-13 I doubt my dream has been made manifest. This may get a curiosity watch down the line when it shows up on a streaming service I’m already paying for, but it’s getting mediocre to terrible reviews. I have little faith it’s actually worth over two hours of my time.

Jen: Do I need to have seen Split to understand this? Is it enough to know he has a bunch of personalities and is a killer? Will a Wikipedia summary catch me up? Will this movie be completely awesome or suck the big one? So many questions.

The Heiresses

Loren: This is very much not my type of movie but I can tell that the performances are going to be stellar.

RDT: I’m lining up for this one!

Rick: That did not go where I was expecting. Color me intrigued.

Jen: Paraguayan, lesbian drama about class and aging. I’m sure RDT is lining up for this one!

An Acceptable Loss

Loren: There’s a terrible Frankenbite at the beginning of that trailer that really took me out of it. Also, this looks a hell of a lot more like a Showtime Original than a “Major Motion Picture” but I’ll take anything to get more Jamie Lee Curtis out there.

RDT: I think I’d rather see the political drama version of this story, not the political thriller. Also, it looks, like production quality, terrible. I think I’ll pass.

Rick: 1) I am totally on board for (what I’m hoping is) a Jamie Lee Curtis-assance. 2) Why does this whole movie look like it has an Instagram beauty filter applied to it? 3) Political thrillers aren’t really my bag. I’ll probably skip this unless it gets stellar notices.

Jen: Well it passed the Bechdel test and Jamie Lee Curtis as President is inspired casting, I want to support this for two strong female leads in an action-thriller-espionage movie (when do you ever see that?) even though this doesn’t look as strong as I hope it is. Not sure if I’ll actually get to the theater for it but I’ll keep an eye out on streaming. Continue reading

Let’s Talk About The First Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer!

It has arrived! The first trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home has made it’s way to the rest of the world after debuting at Brazil Comic Con. The first look we’ve gotten for the sequel to Homecoming is pretty great. All your favorites are back; Peter Parker (Tom Holland), Ned Leeds (Jacob Batalon), MJ (we’re still going with that huh?) (Zendaya), Flash Thompson (Tony Revolori), Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau), Sexy Aunt May (Marisa Tomei), and in place of a suspiciously absent Iron Man we get Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson).

There’s still no word on if this movie takes place before or after The Snappening as there’s no mention of it in the trailer. But what we do get info on is our movie’s antagonist… maybe. Jake Gyllenhaal shows up as Mysterio to fight off what I originally thought was Hydro-Man and maybe Sandman but the prevailing internet theory is that he is “pulling a Syndrome” from The Incredibles and creating these monstrous threats to portray himself as a hero. To what end? We don’t know yet, probably money and fame. Quentin Beck/Mysterio is a failed actor and special effects artist who, in the comics, takes to a life of crime when things don’t work out in his chosen profession. He uses his skill set, creating illusions, to aid him in his heists. I really like that the MCU adjacent Spider-Man movies dive a little deeper into Spidey’s rogues gallery. We’ve gotten some of his biggest foes in other movies so it’s great to see characters like The Vulture (Michael Keaton) and Mysterio get their due.

Ok, enough of all that. Let’s Talk About The First Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer! Continue reading

Episode #154 – I’m Not Jeff

The guys are back in Hollywood discussing all the week’s Entertainment News. They’ve got stories like:

  • Batista joins Dune remake
  • Negasonic Teenage Warhead joins John Cena in Playing with Fire
  • Star Trek 4 shelved
  • Animated Mortal Kombat reboot in development
  • Masters of the Universe back in development
  • Coming to America 2 moving forward
  • The Avengers may end up hosting the Oscars
  • “Save Daredevil” petition crosses 100,000.
  • Star Trek Picard show to deal with the dissolution of the Romulan Empire
  • Loki show rumored to have Tom Hiddleston as Loki narrating his life from the afterlife
  • Al Pacino to hunt nazis for Amazon and Jordan Peele
  • 90210 reboot not a reboot
  • Disneyland ups prices in preparation for Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge
  • Aquaman will likely hit $1B worldwide around the time this episode drops
  • Venom sequel confirmed.

All that, what we watched and oh so many tangents.

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Weekend Watch – 01/11/19

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

A Dog’s Way Home

Loren: Nope.

Rick: How negligent is this dog’s owner by not giving it a collar with a license and/or having it chipped? Isn’t that the law everywhere now? F this guy and F this movie.

Jen: I zoned out halfway through Act 2 of that trailer. If I ever want to watch a movie like this (and I don’t) I’ll rent Homeward Bound. Aw, how adorable of me to say “rent” instead of stream.

The Upside

Loren: God I hate Kevin Hart, he’s just the worst. Also this movie feels pandering and not treading any new ground.

Rick: This just reaffirms my belief that Kevin Hart has zero range as an actor. I also have zero interest in him as an actor and, consequently, zero interest in this movie. Zero.

Jen: What is Nicole Kidman doing here? OR Bryan Cranston for that matter? Or I guess a better question is why is Kevin Hart there? This whole thing is warmed over treacle I’ve seen 100 times before. I’m surprised at how strongly I feel about not liking this movie.

Limited Release

Touch Me Not

Loren: What?

Rick: I had the same reaction as Loren, but I kinda want to know what the hell is going on here.

Jen: This feels very much like an Art Film. Continue reading

Episode #153 – The Flibbertigibbet Chronicles

This week, the guys learn what “cohorts” means. Oh and they talk pop culture.

  • Jumaj-3 gets some additions to the cast
  • Jay & Silent Bob are back!
  • Bad Boys 4 for Life Lif3
  • The Oscars still doesn’t have a host, and it still shouldn’t be Kevin Hart
  • Batwoman picked up to pilot
  • Vikings is dead. Long live Vikings.
  • Carmen Sandiego reboot trailer
  • Hanna reboot teaser
  • Swamp Thing gets a dude
  • Episode IX trailer will show up at some point
  • More Batman bullshit
  • Capt. Marvel stuff

All that, what we watched and more tangents.

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Happy New Year!!!

Weekend Watch – 01/04/19

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

Escape Room

Loren: Is this just PG-13 Saw? Could be a fun horror-thriller but the fact that they’re dumping it in early january does not bode well.


Rick: Okay, we have Sony, who barely understands the concept of a horror movie, let alone how to make a good one + Original Film, who has the most ironic company name in the business and has never made a good horror movie + first week of January…tally that up…yep. Tired, unoriginal, and toothless. Math checks out.

Jen: I really like the idea of this movie, I could see myself watching it when it streams, but I don’t have the highest of hopes for it.

American Hangman

Loren: Wait, is THIS PG-13 Saw? Mixed with a little Law & Order: SVU? Also, that was Vincent Kartheiser? Trying the Christian Bale method acting I see.

RDT: I feel like I’ve seen this a million times before. Pass.

Rick: This is a mashup of ideas from better movies and TV series. Hardest of passes.

Jen: I don’t think I felt the intensity they were hoping I would feel watching this trailer.

The Vanishing

Loren: Has Gerard Butler ever made a good movie? I can’t think of one. This a least looks to be trying. But also it will fail.

RDT: Loren, I checked IMDB. He’s a voice in the How to Train Your Dragon movies. And Reign of Fire isn’t……terrible……I guess. Yeah, I got nothing.

Rick: I don’t know. This looks like a decent Straw Dogs-style thriller. I won’t run out to theaters to see it, but it might be worth a go at home if I’m in the right mood.

Jen: Loren, have you not seen Timeline? Gerard Butler at his hottest. Continue reading