Episode #155 – Who is Vera Farmiga?

Listen to Chuck the Dog play with toys in the background while the guys talk the usual pop culture stuff.

  • Sopranos gets a prequel
  • Christopher McQuarrie has at least 2 more impossible missions in him
  • Bumblebee is profitable so we’re finally getting a Transformers sequel we want
  • John Wick trailer
  • We’re getting a proper Ghostbusters 3
  • But maybe not Avatar’s 4 and 5
  • Josh Gad is a hunchback!!!
  • Pearson
  • Michelle Yeoh getting her own ST:D (spinoff)
  • Steve Carell is going to Space and Netflix
  • Netflix rebooting new Unsolved Mysteries and new prices
  • NBC enters the streaming wars
  • We know what New Gods is about….maybe…..
  • WB going standalone
  • Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer
  • Young Avengers = Avengers 5???

All that, what we watched and more tangents.

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