Epside #424 – The Churros Were Disappointing

Look who’s back, back again! Covering all the pop culture.

  • More SNL 75 casting
  • The Bear is The Boss
  • Austin Butler Caught Stealing
  • 6nal Destination
  • Bad Boys Ride or Die trailer
  • Benny “The Jet” doc
  • Readier Not, Freakier Friday
  • Star Trek 4…. again
  • Another Night of the Hunter
  • M5trix
  • Pirates of the Reboot
  • Disney movies on the move
  • MI8 casting
  • Scarlett v Dinosaurs
  • Avengelyne, not Angelyne or Angela, movie in development
  • Grey’s Anatomy can drink
  • Quantum Leapt out of here… again
  • Old people will continue to watch the Golden Globes
  • (Not so) Good Times
  • Death and Other Details dead
  • Legally Blonde: The Series
  • The 2nd to Last Thing He Told Me
  • Star Wars stuff
  • DC stuff
  • Marvel stuff
  • Does anyone read this stuff?

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