Weekend Watch – 09/21/18


Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

The House With A Clock In Its Walls

Loren: Sure it may be trying to be the next Harry Potter but it looks like a lot more fun than some of the others that have tried. I’ll definitely see this eventually.

RDT: Much like Jen said below, this is horror more for me, a 41-year-old man. I doubt I’ll see it at the cinema, but I’ll keep it on my radar.

Jen: This is a horror movie my speed, i.e. for children. I am skeptical of Jack Black in this role but Cate Blanchett more than makes up for any misgivings. I will try to give this a watch. Get it? Watch, clock! Ha!

Assassination Nation

Loren: WellThatEscalatedQuickly.gif Also, I don’t even use an iPhone but still checked to see if I got a text like 3 times during that trailer because of the sound effects. That’s annoying. Otherwise I think I’m in for this. It’s different enough from others like it to keep my interest.

RDT: I feel like I’ve seen this movie before, like, a lot. Pass.

Jen: So Heathers meets The Purge with a Salem witch trial allegory woven in? It’s not the worst pitch I’ve heard.


Loren: That looks really great and I’ll probably never see it. I mean, maybe, but yeah probably not.

RDT: You know, I didn’t think I was going to be into that. But that trailer really pulled me in.

Jen: This looks delightful. I’m not a huge period piece fan, but this really drew me in. I didn’t know Collette’s story other than writing the Claudine books and Gigi, but would love to see more. Continue reading

Let’s Talk About The First Captain Marvel Trailer!

Um… FUCK YES!!!!!!

I guess I should have more to say but really, that’s my first, second, and third thought about this trailer. God damn does Marvel do a great job with their properties. They just have it figured out. That said, it’s hard to believe that this is Marvel’s first female driven movie out of the 19 before it over the last decade, but at least it looks like the wait was well worth it. Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) is being positioned to be our newest through line for the MCU when the old guard inevitably begins to step down after Avengers 4, and I think she’s going to be the perfect fit.

We’ll have to see how she ends up in our present day MCU, because this movie takes place in the 90s (they beat you over the head with that a little bit). But, we are getting young versions of Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury and Clark Gregg’s Agent Coulson out of it so it all comes out in the wash. I actually really dig that we’re so deep into this Universe that we’ve seen multiple time periods. The 40s with Captain America. The early 80s with Guardians 1 and 2. A little bit of the 80s in Civil War and Ant-Man. It makes the world so much more fleshed out.

It looks like Carol’s origin will change a little bit from the comics where she comes into contact with alien tech and radiation. Now it’s theorized that she’s a little like Star-Lord and is the offspring of a human and alien tryst. This is most likely to not be seen as so similar to Green Lantern. She’s not, but there are a few similarities. It looks like they’re keeping her military background (even if she has all too convenient alien amnesia), but it also seems as though they are keeping her immense power set. In the comics, Carol is one of the most powerful beings out there, and supposedly she’ll be the strongest we’ve seen in the MCU yet. Those powers include flight, strength, invulnerability, and power blasts. She’s like a lady Thor but, you know, more so.

Ok, enough of all that, Let’s Talk About The First Captain Marvel Trailer:

  • We open up, as most sci-fi movies do, with an alien ship crashing into our atmosphere.  
  • A body falls from the wreckage and crashes into a Blockbuster Video. Which is a very old fashioned sentence
  • We see that the body that fell from the sky is none other than our protagonist. Captain Marvel. She is still in her Space Force Starforce uniform. We see later that this will influence her superhero costume.
  • Nick Fury gets a VO explaining that he knows what a renegade soldier looks like but didn’t expect an alien one.
  • Leave it to LA for no one to really notice a beautiful woman in skin tight leather walking through the metro. 
  • As the music swells we get a shorter Marvel Studios logo that I’m hoping replaces the 48 minute one we’ve gotten in the last few movies. 
  • Carol enters a secure facility that still uses thumb prints to access them. How 90s!   
  • She’s wearing a Nine Inch Nails T-Shirt, leather jacket, and FlexFit SHIELD hat over her Rachel Cut so that you never forget that this is set in the 90s.
  • In the secret bunker we see Nick Fury playing with a large gun while an alien is on a dissection table.  
  • As Nick breaks down all the things that have currently happened to them we see the images he’s referring to.
  • “Space Invasion” as a huge ship decloaks in earth’s orbit. Perhaps this is a Skrull Battleship.  
  • “Big car chase”. A sedan crashes into a LA Metro bus.
  • Captain Marvel jumps on top of a moving train and fires her energy blasts giving a really good look at how her powers will be portrayed. 
  • Nick Fury says that he was ready to hang it up, looking all “too old for this shit” or kinda like his character in Loaded Weapon 1
  • Man, that digital de-aging looks amazing. Like, we’re through the Uncanny Valley here people.
  • Nick says all of that changed when he met Carol.
  • We get a double cliché as Nick says that “she’s not from around here” and Carol answers with “it’s hard to explain”.
  • We see a little bit of a spaceship echoing the car they are driving in before ending up with Carol looking out her window over the Kree homeworld. 
  • Apparently Carol is having glimpses of her memories before she ended up across the galaxy with the Kree. 
  • We get a quick look at her relationship with her wingwoman Maria “Photon” Rambeau the mother of Monica Rambeau who will become yet another Captain Marvel. Comics!  
  • After seeing some more flashbacks of Carol training we see her hooked up to some alien technology that is presumably taking away her memories of her previous life.  
  • We get the obligatory slow motion walking shot of Carol with the rest of Space Force Starforce. 
  • A quick shot of Jude Law with colored eyes. IMDb lists him as Mar-Vell (the original Captain Marvel) but Marvel Studios has yet to confirm that. I mean, c’mon though that’s definitely who he has to be playing.
  • The title cards throughout this read “Discover What Makes Her A Hero”. But the “her” comes from the word hero. It’s really great. 
  • We see some of Carol as a little girl riding toward what looks like a circus tent? intercut with her piloting a fighter jet into space. 
  • There’s a very brief shot of the Skrulls on the beach. It’s been said that these shape shifting aliens are the main villains of the movie.  
  • I have to assume that the sweet old lady that Carol punches on the bus is a Skrull. It would be hilarious if she wasn’t but I’m pretty positive on this one.       
  • Something on an alien planet blows up as Ronan pre-accuser (Lee Pace) looks down over earth.  
  • Quick shots of a de-aged Coulson (with a full head of hair!) and another of Nick Fury using a pager to text. This most likely is the pager from the end of Infinity War he used to call Captain Marvel.  
  • We get a VERY cool shot of the Space Force Starforce flying through space with their masks on. The mask is a huge part of Carol’s costume when she took on the mantle of Captain Marvel after being Ms. Marvel in the comics. 
  • A quick shot of an explosion of power that hits Carol. I would imagine this is where she gets her Kree powers from. It’s a little bit Fantastic Four but I think that’s ok.   
  • There’s another montage intercut with young Carol, training camp Carol, and her as Captain Marvel. 
  • Carol says she not what you think she is as we get a great look at her fully powered up. In full costume. I won’t lie, this gave me chills. 

And that’s it. I’m not one to pine for the passage of time but is it next year yet? I’m really excited to see where Marvel takes us following Avengers 4 and I’m glad Carol Danvers is the woman to lead the charge. It’s gonna be rad!

Captain Marvel opens everywhere March 2019.

From Hollywood,

Episode #137 – My dog farts a lot…

This week, while the guys talk pop culture entertainment news, my dog clears the room. Multiple times. I should probably take him to the vet.

  • What’s old (Bond 25 writers) is new (Bond 25 writers) again.
  • The dragon training is over.
  • Designing Women will start designing again
  • NBC puts 3 high profile shows into development
  • Lean On Me Again, Lady!
  • Lois Lane and Nora Fries come to the CW
  • Aaron Paul heads west
  • AMC (and only AMC) expects The Walking Dead to last another decade
  • Sabrina trailer
  • Batgirl coming to DCU? (No.)
  • Robin meets Robin
  • The Death of (Henry Cavill as) Superman
  • BatHamm returns?
  • First look at Joaquin Phoenix as Joker Arthur Fleck???
  • Venom confirmed as not good….no, PG-13 (and also not good…probably).

All that, what we watched and the usual tangents.

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Weekend Watch – 09/14/18

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

The Predator

Loren: It’s probably bad but who cares that’s the fun. I do like me some Shane Black movies so I’m a solid probably here.

RDT: Critics aren’t loving it, but I think it looks fun. Hoping to catch it this weekend.

Rick: Early reviews have been divisive, but I’m not expecting high art here. All I’m really looking for in this movie is a gory, explody good time.

Jen: There’s a LOT of BTS drama around this movie that make me uncomfortable and it looks pretty standard issue. I’ll probably stay home.

A Simple Favor

Loren: Like, maybe? It doesn’t look awful per se and I’m intrigued as to what happened. But I don’t know if it’s enough to get me to see it. Yeah, maybe.

RDT: Jen, I will gladly go see this with you. I was totally hooked by this trailer. If I don’t see it with Jen, I’ll catch it streaming.

Rick: I like the cast, but this feels like nearly every modern thriller tossed in a blender and poured out on screen (well, into a novel first, then on screen). Unless reviews are stellar, I’m all set.

Jen: I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’m a mom who drinks martinis and thinks Henry Golding is super hot, but I am all in for this movie.

White Boy Rick

Loren: Yeah I’m not 100% sold here from that trailer. I can’t tell if that kid is doing a character or isn’t that great an actor. Plus, I’m really tired of the drug dealer/hustler stories. I’ll wait to hear if this is any good before checking it out.

RDT: As Loren and Jen said, I’m not loving the kid, and McConaughey isn’t quite enough to get me to the theater on his own. Pass.


Jen: That is a great role for McConaughey but I’m not getting a strong charismatic vibe off the kid and I need to feel that for this to work. That being said this is a great true story that is both unbelievable and fascinating so it feels like it’d be hard to screw it up. So, maybe?

Continue reading

Episode #136 – I Paid For A Year Upfront

Once again the guys are here with all of the Entertainment News from the week that was. They’ve got stories like:

  • Oscars “postpone” best popular film category
  • Apparently, Halloween is good
  • Mattel launches a film division
  • Brooklyn Nine Nine expands NBC Season to 18 episodes
  • The CW is developing a Nancy Drew show
  • Veronica Mars returning to Hulu, don’t get them confused
  • Netflix picked up Designated Survivor for some reason
  • Timothy Dalton cast as The Chief in Doom Patrol
  • Swamp Thing to be hard R and practical
  • Henry Cavill will be Geralt in the Witcher series
  • Entertainment Weekly gives first look for Captain Marvel

All that, a huge Star Wars tangent up front, and of course the Weekly Watched!

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Weekend Watch – 09/07/18

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release


Loren: Alias is The Punisher with a little Lady John Wick in there for flavor. I like that this trailer starts like one of those Jennifer Garner Jesus movies and then gets all Frank Castle on us. I’ll see this eventually but probably not in the theater.

RDT: Yeah, I’m a pretty big JG fan (except for the Jesus movies. Sorry Jennifer….and Jesus). It’s nice to see her kicking ass again. So count me in! Maybe even this weekend!

Rick: I’m only mildly disappointed that this is not about Peppermint Butler from Adventure Time getting bloody revenge in the name of the Candy Kingdom, but I’m still all in for this.

Jen: I’ll give a pass to the “dead kid trope” here since it’s the main inciting incident of the film – and revealed in the promotion of the film. It’s good to see Jennifer Garner kicking ass again and not just as a mom in Jesus movie.

The Nun

Loren: Besides that fantastic jump scare at the end, this looks… fine I guess? It’s weird that The Conjuring-verse is so big. I guess people like these movies. Should I be watching them? Rick, should I watch these movies?

RDT: Unless Rick screens this (and it sounds like he probably won’t), I will likely never, ever see this movie.

Rick: To Loren (and anyone else on the fence), you should absolutely see The Conjuring. It’s a masterclass in how to make a proper haunting/possession film. You should not, however, come within fifty feet of The Conjuring 2, for it will taint you with its awfulness. This just looks like “Jump Scare: The Movie!” to me. I’m all set, thanks.

Jen: Did you hear about how YouTube made them take down an ad for this movie that was just a jump scare? It looked like you were watching a normal YT ad before your video and then she pops out and people were losing their s***. That is some excellent marketing. But no. I don’t need this much terror in my life right now.

Limited Release

The Hows of Us

Loren: How did those 14 year olds buy that house? I can barely buy food for me and Winston.

RDT: Meh

Rick: Zzzzz…

Jen: So this is NOT related to This is Us? Hmmm, pass. Continue reading

Episode #135 – No one is Statler and Waldorf.

Coming to you from palatial Dog Hair Manor, the guys are here with all the pop culture news.

  • Top Gun 2020
  • The Rock is the King
  • Wile E. Coyote: legal drama
  • The final The Predator the trailer
  • Mr. Robot shutting down in season 4
  • DCU drops in a couple weeks. Titans to disappoint a month later.
  • Alan Tudyk is nobody
  • Disney streaming info
  • Matt Smith wakes up From His Nap
  • Star Wars: Resistance deets
  • Alec Baldwin was and then wasn’t in The Joker
  • Russo hoping to finish Avengers 4 before its release date

All that, what we watched and the usual tangents.

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Weekend Watch – 08/31/18

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

The Little Stranger

Loren: Meh. I hate to start a week off like that but this didn’t do much for me. Everyone’s too damn British for it to feel all that creepy.

RDT: Love the cast and like the director. But this did nothing for me. Sorry.

Rick: It’s difficult to pull off an effective ghost story anymore, but I like this cast and it looks atmospheric. I’m willing to give this one a shot.

Jen: Is Domhnall Gleeson in everything now? How do you pronounce his name anyway? This looks effectively creepy but not gory so I’m willing to give it a chance.

Operation Finale

Loren: Hey it’s Star Wars leads in period pieces week! This was looking pretty solid but then they went and Nick Kroll’d it all up. I don’t think I’ll be seeing this.

RDT: So, it’s September. Too late for blockbusters. Too early for legit prestige films. If this were better, we wouldn’t be seeing it for another couple months.

Rick: There’s been a rash of WWII movies in the last year. Can we move onto another conflict? It’s not like there’s a shortage of them.

Jen: I, too, am sick of WWII stories, but this has more of a 70s “Boys from Brazil” vibe that I kind of am into. Nick Kroll does give me pause but I didn’t immediately hate him in this trailer, so that’s a plus.


Loren: Oh cool, let’s glorify guns even more! Yeah, I know, it’s an alien gun but the point still stands. And this is from someone that loves action movies. The difference here is that this puts a crazy future gun in the hands of a kid as the only way to protect his family. It’s like AXL from last week if the robot dog that you are supposed to relate to was a fucking gun.

RDT: Holy shit! Is that James Franco as the bad guy? When did he buy a boat?

Rick: There’s…there’s a lot going on in that trailer, and I’m not sure I have a pressing need to unpack it all by seeing this movie.

Jen: I want this to be either more of a family film about a kid who finds some alien tech or a dark film about a guy out of prison trying to keep it straight for his family. Not that I want to see either of those movies either, but I think one of those would be better than what’s happening here. Continue reading

Episode #134 – It’s Our Jerry O’Connell Episode!

Just because there’s not a lot of news doesn’t mean it’s going to be a short week. There isn’t a tangent too out there that the guys won’t go on. But they also talked about stories like:

  • Danny Boyle out as Bond 25 director
  • Timeless 2 part finale airs in Dec.
  • Big Bang Theory coming to an end.
  • The Lethal Weapon season 3 promo looks terrible
  • Superman and Lois Lane confirmed for the crossover.
  • Anthony Michael Hall joins Riverdale as the new principal
  • Netflix officially picks up Glow for season 3
  • American Vandal Season 2: The Turd Burglar trailer
  • Veronica Mars revival series almost official at Hulu
  • Brendan Fraser to play Robotman in Doom Patrol
  • Galaxy Quest TV Show on hold for now
  • Dominic Monaghan joins “From His Nap”
  • Production for Guardians 3 has been “put on pause”
  • According to Feige no Avengers 4 title until after Capt. Marvel trailer

All that, the aforementioned tangents, and don’t forget the Weekly Watched!

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Weekend Watch – 08/24/18

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

The Happytime Murders

Loren:   Be careful what you wish for 2010 Loren, you may get it. Boy does that look not funny at all. Also over 8 years in development can’t be a good sign. Pass.

RDT: I chuckled a little more than my cohorts. I won’t rush out to see it, but I’ll give it a watch once it goes streaming.

Rick: Every movie Melissa McCarthy has made with her husband has been a creative letdown (see: The Boss, Tammy, Life of the Party). This looks to continue the trend. Also, Peter Jackson kinda did this already in 1989 with Meet the Feebles. I’m not saying that movie is great, but Happy Time Murders isn’t breaking any new ground here.

Jen: No. I did not laugh but I did cringe. That can’t be a good sign.


Loren: For a movie using the Unfriended style of shooting this actually looks pretty tense. It might even be a good wake up call to show how much and how little we can get from people’s online personas. But I still don’t think I’m going to see it.

RDT: I also am a John Cho fan. But I feel like I’d get burnt out on the gimmick pretty quick. Also, since it’s all shot on “screens,” what’s the need to see it in theaters?

Rick: Apparently this is the first in a series of a planned fourteen (!) movies in what the producer is calling “ScreenLife” style; meaning all the stories are told inside computers/monitors/phones, etc. This looks decent, but fourteen? Even if the stories are compelling this is going to get old after maybe two or three of them.

Jen: I love me some John Cho and this actually looks less gimmicky than I would have thought. I think we’ll see a lot more films in this style and most won’t be good, but this one has some potential.


Loren: ET meets Short Circuit meets Lassie meets Beethoven. In other words, I’ve never seen this movie but I’ve definitely seen this movie.

RDT: Because I’ve already seen this movie a million times, I’m never going to watch this movie.

Rick: Looks like another “quality” entry into the burgeoning robot dog subgenre. Who wants to binge watch this along with A.R.C.H.I.E., Robo-Dog, and Robo-Dog: Airborne? Huh? Who’s with me? Hey! Where are you going?! Awww. I ordered pizza and everything…

Jen: This reminded me a lot of Monster Trucks for some reason. This definitely feels like a movie that would have come out in the mid-80s and that I would have watched on VHS at my best friend’s house. Continue reading