Weekend Watch – 02/15/2019

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

Alita: Battle Angel

Loren: I can’t tell if they shrunk the eyes back down a bit or I just got used to seeing it that way from when they started promoting this flick. Either way in a post-Avatar world I don’t have all that much faith in Cameron, though he got the action right in that one. Shit I don’t know, maybe on this?

The Lady™: This has elements of everything I love: dystopian future, Blade Runner/Fifth Element-esq cityscapes, ‘more special than she even knows’ heroine, hidden pasts, bio-mechanical upgrades. I’m genuinely surprised I’m not chomping at the bit for this one. But unless it gets spectacular reviews, I’m saving it for streaming.

Rick: The eyes have been adjusted so the irises are more proportional to the rest of the eye design. It gives the illusion they’re ever so slightly smaller, but they’re the same size as in the original trailer. I like anime, but the eye size does not translate into real life. Plus, there’s no story element that requires her eyes to be oversized. I get that they were trying to keep with the original art style, but they could have utilized another common anime technique and given her unusually colored eyes, or reshaped the iris inside a normal eye to define the look. I like everything else going on here, but the eye design kills it for me. It’s too distracting.

Happy Death Day 2U

Loren: I actually enjoyed the silliness of the first one and the sequel looks like a lot of fun. I like how it amps up the concept. Probably not in the theater but I’m in.

The Lady™: I never got around to watching the first one.

Rick: You can read my rant about the first movie here. I’m definitely out for the sequel.


Fighting With My Family

Loren: It’s really interesting to me that we’re getting a biopic about Paige who is only 26 but her career as an in ring performer was tragically cut short. (Concussions and a bad neck.) The casting is all pretty good here, I’m sure Saraya loves that Lena Headey is playing her. If you’re are interested in the real life story the family made a doc about themselves a while back that’s online. As far as the movie goes it looks good enough and DTRJ’s addition will certainly help it along.

The Lady™: Being Loren’s girlfriend means I accidentally got into wrestling. And I like Paige. You know I’m going to see this whether I like it or not.

Rick: I’ve been meaning to ask Loren and/or Shmim Shmavis about this story. Given Loren’s endorsement, I’ll give this a shot via one of those fancy streaming services I keep feeding my money to. Continue reading

Episode #158 – We Don’t Know Anything

Ryan is off on assignment but don’t worry Rick steps in and breaks down an immense amount of news with Loren! They’ve got all the stories, including:

  • Albert Finney passes away at 82
  • ‘The LEGO Movie 2’ wins the weekend, but at half of the original’s take
  • Bidding war over Lord & Miller’s next project
  • ‘Wicked’ release date bumped by 2 freaking years
  • Paramount kills World War Z sequel
  • Terminator reset-quel has a working title (that hopefully doesn’t become the real one)
  • ‘Monster Hunter’ is going to be a movie in 2020
  • Kingsman prequel casts Aaron Taylor-Johnson and more
  • Trailer for ‘Child’s Play’ remake drops
  • Black-ish’s Marsai Martin gets first look deal with Universal
  • Disney is basically making 21st Century Fox disappear in merger
  • Oh look a terrible ‘Shaft’ trailer
  • ‘The Good Doctor’, ‘A Million Little Things’, ‘Shark Tank’ renewed
  • ‘Bewitched’ reboot is NOT moving forward
  • ‘Modern Family’ gets 11th and final season
  • NBC scraps plans for live version of ‘Hair’
  • ‘The Simpsons’ renewed through Season 32
  • Red Alice is the main villain in ‘The Batwoman’
  • ‘Party of Five’ reboot is a thing at Freeform
  • ‘Legion’ has cast its Professor X
  • FX orders ‘Y: The Last Man’ to series
  • ‘Walking Dead’ gets a Season 10 for some reason but Danai Gurira is leaving the show
  • ‘Into the Badlands’ will end with its third season
  • ‘LA’s Finest’ gets a premiere date and a trailer
  • Woody Allen suing Amazon over re-negging on movie/TV deal
  • MacGruber TV series in development with original cast
  • Shudder announces ‘Creepshow’ anthology series
  • Netflix acquires Zach Efron’s Ted Bundy movie for $9 million
  • Netflix acquires sci-fi thriller ‘I Am Mother’ and documentary ‘Knock Down the House’ after debuts at Sundance
  • Netflix gives Goop its own docuseries and now I want to smash the ‘unsubscribe’ button as hard as I can
  • Muppets revival added to Disney+ slate
  • Every part of Disney is making exclusive content for Disney+
  • Captain Marvel will be first Disney+ exclusive movie
  • There’s a naked troll that farts glitter at Universal Studios Florida (for real)
  • Peter Mayhew heading to Star Wars Celebration, alas HPN is not.
  • Black Canary set photos surface from ‘Birds of Prey’
  • WB apparently planning an Aquaman spin-off called ‘The Trench’
  • ‘Avengers:Endgame’ Big Game TV Spot
  • Also it’s clocking in at 3 hours
  • Taika Waititi won’t be directing Guardians 3, but will do another Marvel movie
  • Captain Marvel’s website is a goddamn 90s delight
  • ‘X-Men 143’ movie apparently still in the works but all the other spin-offs are “on hold”
  • Disney will continue to make R-rated Deadpool movies

All that, what we watched and honestly just a few tangents.

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Weekend Watch – 02/08/19

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

What Men Want

Loren: The first time I saw a trailer for this I laughed. This time not so much. If I still had cable I could see this being something I accidently channel surfed to and forgot to turn off down the road.

RDT: I’m a man (I think) and I don’t want this, despite the pretty good cast.

Rick: This is definitely not what I want. I also didn’t want the original version, so maybe these movies just aren’t for me.

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

Loren: I mean, obviously. LEGO is my thing. But I’m also hearing pretty great early word on this so that’s a nice incentive.




Cold Pursuit

Loren: I thought he said he wasn’t going to do movies like this anymore.

RDT: If he doesn’t punch the snow, I’m out.

Rick: If this is half as good as the original Norwegian version (In Order of Disappearance) then I’m calling it a win. If you have to recast Stellan Skarsgard, it’s hard to go wrong with Liam Neeson.   Continue reading

Episode #157 – Are you too good for your home?!?!?!?!?

The guys are back to talk about stuff and things.

  • The Invisible Man is back! And we don’t care!
  • Pete Davidson signs on to Judd Apatow’s next flick based on the life of Pete Davidson
  • Zombieland: Double Tap poster
  • A couple Fast and Furious updates, including THE HOBBS & SHAW TRAILER!!!!
  • CBS All Access takes a Stand
  •  Twilight Zone: April Fools!!!
  • More Masked Singers!!!
  • The CW renewed….pretty much everything
  • Crisis crossover will be a lot like Crisis
  • Chucky’s coming to SyFy
  • Apple’s steaming service coming sooner than initially thought
  • Fuller House back for one last visit
  • Travelers stopped traveling
  • Wonder Woman 3 in the here and now
  • Birds of Prey first look
  • Batfleck no more
  • James Gunn may direct THE Suicide Squad
  • Blue Beetle flying solo
  • Batman Beyond and Super Pets?!?!?! animated movies rumored/confirmed

All that, what we watched and more tangents.

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Weekend Watch – 02/01/19

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

Miss Bala

Loren: This looks fine and what not. Maybe someday I’ll check it out but I kinda think I know the whole story, you know?

RDT: Seems like a poor man’s Sicario. I think I’ll just watch that instead.

Rick: Seems the 90s-style action-thriller is trying to crawl back from the grave. I can’t imagine there are any surprises here. And the fact that this is getting released on a weekend with no competition screams zero confidence in the material by Sony. I’ll probably wind up hate-watching this one afternoon like I did Proud Mary.

Jen: This is not my cup of tea, but Gina Rodriguez is totally hot and I’d love to see her in something else. I hope this helps catapult her to the next level of stardom, but without me having to see it.

Limited Release

The Least of These: The Graham Staines Story

Loren: Is this like the opposite of a Jesus movie? Or is it a Jesus movie in disguise? I may never know.

RDT: I feel bad for Jesus. Because dude’s gonna be so sad that so many shitty, shitty movies were made in his name. Also, the Crusades. Oh and MAGA. Honestly, Jesus, just stay away for a while longer. Maybe another couple thousand years?

Rick: Oh my God…Oh my God, that fucking terrible Australian accent, Stephen Baldwin…Was there not one mildly marketable Australian actor you all could have hired?! I mean, really.

Jen: So I’m going to be honest here, I didn’t make it all the way through that trailer. What I did notice, besides the terrible accent, was that Staines seems to be the good guy, but I feel like I’m siding with the guys that want to arrest him. Does that make me a heathen?

Then Came You

Loren: Barring the fact that I like the cast this movie looks like a mash-up of every teen romantic dramedy from the last 30 years.

RDT: Is this an indie movie? I think it might be an indie movie. Regardless, “to-die list” is so much better than “bucket list” for all the things you want to do before, well, dying.

Rick: Man, that trailer is not cut well. Regardless, I saw Me and Earl and the Dying Girl four years ago. This hits all the same beats.

Jen: Hollywood REALLY wants me to find Asa Butterfield adorable. Fine, Hollywood, you win. He’s like a little elf I want to carry around in my pocket, are you happy now? Continue reading

Episode #156 – The 4th Best Podcast In Our Very Specific Demo

The guys are back once again to fill you in on all the Entertainment News that happened over the week. They’ve got stories like:

  • Fast and Furious ladies
  • Wrestler Roman Reigns will play DTRJ’s brother in Hobbs and Shaw.
  • Jay and Silent Bob Reboot acquired by Saban Films.
  • Keanu to play “The John Wick of action figures” in Toy Story 4
  • Oscar nominations
  • CBS picks up a bunch of shows we don’t watch for season 2
  • First picture of Jon Cryer as Lex (is pretty terrible)
  • CW picks up 4 scripts to pilot
  • Hulu lowers ad supported subscriptions by $2 in direct response to Netflix’ price hike.
  • She-Ra renewed for season 2
  • John Cena to star in action comedy for Netflix. Will be directed by Jason Bateman.
  • Netflix snags the Resident Evil IP
  • The Boys teaser
  • Deathstroke and his kids are coming to Titans
  • Disneyland/World’s Star Wars ride could be up to 28 minutes long
  • Patty Jenkins has plans for WW3
  • Warner Bros. wants James Wan for Aquabro 2
  • Matt Smith joins Morbius

All that, what we watched and also tangents, because we’re nothing if not predictable.

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Weekend Watch – 01/25/19

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

The Kid Who Would Be King

Loren: Terrible title aside, that looks like a lot of fun. I’ll check this out down the road for sure.

RDT: So, reviews of this are pretty good. And it’s directed by Joe Cornish, who did Attack the Block. I don’t think I’ll rush out to see it, but I’ll give it a watch once it hits streaming.

Rick: If I were ten I’d totally be into this movie. Even at my age I’m kind of into it. It looks like a fun fantasy adventure. I’ll catch it via one of those seven hundred streaming services that are out there now.


Loren: It’s like tropical Shutter Island. I’m in for a good mystery but I have a bad feeling about this one.

RDT: I was going to make a Firefly reference/joke. But it’s early late and I’m tired. Like Rick said, good cast, but otherwise “meh.”

Rick: Man, I really want this to be good, but I have a feeling it’s going to be disappointing. If it gets decent reviews I’ll check it out. Otherwise it’s a waste of a good cast.

Limited Release

Tito and the Birds

Loren: Cool concept and I love the painted art style. I don’t know that I’ll ever see this but I kinda want to.

RDT: It looks beautiful. So, I feel a little bad saying this. I’m never going to see this movie. Sorry.

Rick: Yep. I’m into this, especially the art style. It’ll be a nice change from all the anime I’ve been watching. Continue reading

Episode #155 – Who is Vera Farmiga?

Listen to Chuck the Dog play with toys in the background while the guys talk the usual pop culture stuff.

  • Sopranos gets a prequel
  • Christopher McQuarrie has at least 2 more impossible missions in him
  • Bumblebee is profitable so we’re finally getting a Transformers sequel we want
  • John Wick trailer
  • We’re getting a proper Ghostbusters 3
  • But maybe not Avatar’s 4 and 5
  • Josh Gad is a hunchback!!!
  • Pearson
  • Michelle Yeoh getting her own ST:D (spinoff)
  • Steve Carell is going to Space and Netflix
  • Netflix rebooting new Unsolved Mysteries and new prices
  • NBC enters the streaming wars
  • We know what New Gods is about….maybe…..
  • WB going standalone
  • Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer
  • Young Avengers = Avengers 5???

All that, what we watched and more tangents.

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Weekend Watch – 01/18/19

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release


Loren: I gave up on Shyamalan directly after The Sixth Sense. This movie will not change that.

RDT: Looks like I’m flying solo on this one. I love Unbreakable, and found Split enjoyable enough. So, given that, and despite the reviews, I’m in for this movie

Rick: I have nothing but disdain for Unbreakable. I do, however, enjoy the hell out of Split. Well, until it ties into Unbreakable. That felt tacked on and entirely unnecessary. That feeling of “but why?” extends to this movie. My dream was that James McAvoy’s character goes completely bonkers and murders everyone. Given that this is rated PG-13 I doubt my dream has been made manifest. This may get a curiosity watch down the line when it shows up on a streaming service I’m already paying for, but it’s getting mediocre to terrible reviews. I have little faith it’s actually worth over two hours of my time.

Jen: Do I need to have seen Split to understand this? Is it enough to know he has a bunch of personalities and is a killer? Will a Wikipedia summary catch me up? Will this movie be completely awesome or suck the big one? So many questions.

The Heiresses

Loren: This is very much not my type of movie but I can tell that the performances are going to be stellar.

RDT: I’m lining up for this one!

Rick: That did not go where I was expecting. Color me intrigued.

Jen: Paraguayan, lesbian drama about class and aging. I’m sure RDT is lining up for this one!

An Acceptable Loss

Loren: There’s a terrible Frankenbite at the beginning of that trailer that really took me out of it. Also, this looks a hell of a lot more like a Showtime Original than a “Major Motion Picture” but I’ll take anything to get more Jamie Lee Curtis out there.

RDT: I think I’d rather see the political drama version of this story, not the political thriller. Also, it looks, like production quality, terrible. I think I’ll pass.

Rick: 1) I am totally on board for (what I’m hoping is) a Jamie Lee Curtis-assance. 2) Why does this whole movie look like it has an Instagram beauty filter applied to it? 3) Political thrillers aren’t really my bag. I’ll probably skip this unless it gets stellar notices.

Jen: Well it passed the Bechdel test and Jamie Lee Curtis as President is inspired casting, I want to support this for two strong female leads in an action-thriller-espionage movie (when do you ever see that?) even though this doesn’t look as strong as I hope it is. Not sure if I’ll actually get to the theater for it but I’ll keep an eye out on streaming. Continue reading

Let’s Talk About The First Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer!

It has arrived! The first trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home has made it’s way to the rest of the world after debuting at Brazil Comic Con. The first look we’ve gotten for the sequel to Homecoming is pretty great. All your favorites are back; Peter Parker (Tom Holland), Ned Leeds (Jacob Batalon), MJ (we’re still going with that huh?) (Zendaya), Flash Thompson (Tony Revolori), Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau), Sexy Aunt May (Marisa Tomei), and in place of a suspiciously absent Iron Man we get Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson).

There’s still no word on if this movie takes place before or after The Snappening as there’s no mention of it in the trailer. But what we do get info on is our movie’s antagonist… maybe. Jake Gyllenhaal shows up as Mysterio to fight off what I originally thought was Hydro-Man and maybe Sandman but the prevailing internet theory is that he is “pulling a Syndrome” from The Incredibles and creating these monstrous threats to portray himself as a hero. To what end? We don’t know yet, probably money and fame. Quentin Beck/Mysterio is a failed actor and special effects artist who, in the comics, takes to a life of crime when things don’t work out in his chosen profession. He uses his skill set, creating illusions, to aid him in his heists. I really like that the MCU adjacent Spider-Man movies dive a little deeper into Spidey’s rogues gallery. We’ve gotten some of his biggest foes in other movies so it’s great to see characters like The Vulture (Michael Keaton) and Mysterio get their due.

Ok, enough of all that. Let’s Talk About The First Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer! Continue reading