Episode #124 – Just A Quick One

The guys were super busy this week so they burned through the news quicker than ever. But don’t worry they still covered everything that happened in the world of Pop Culture. They talked news like:

  • Gal Gadot joins cast of Red Notice
  • Dumbo teaser trailer
  • Full Grinch trailer
  • Ewan McGregor to star in Dr. Sleep, the sequel to The Shining
  • Comcast officially offers $65B in cash for Fox
  • Apple might start making movies
  • The Incredibles 2 makes a ton of money
  • Gotti gets 0% on RT
  • Plastic Elongated Man upped to regular for season 5 of The Flash
  • Jeremy Jordan bumped down to recurring for season 4 of Supergirl, Brainy upped to full time cast member
  • MTV rebooting Aeon Flux as a live action show
  • Jack Ryan trailer
  • Glow season 2 trailer
  • Lucifer saved, gets a 4th season at Netflix
  • ST:Discovery show runners out. Kurtzman in
  • Oprah signs with Apple
  • E3 Winners and Losers
  • Geoff Johns booted from DC Entertainment, will still write/produce The Green Lantern Corps movie
  • Chris Pine returns for Wonder Woman 1984
  • Aquaman poster and more Aquastuff
  • Capt. Marvel will be the face of the MCU in phase

All that plus: The Weekly Watched, listener Greg has a Bond problem, and all the usual tangents.

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Weekend Watch – 06/15/18

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

The Incredibles 2

Loren: The first one is my personal favorite Pixar outing, so this is a no brainer. It looks like it gets all the same things right as the original and builds on them. In.

RDT: Most people think the first one is my favorite Pixar flick. It’s not. That honor belongs to Monsters, Inc. But still, The Incredibles ranks pretty high, and I am stoked for this.

The Lady™: 



Loren: I don’t like the idea of glorifying real life mobsters. Hell, I didn’t like the morons that did it for Tony Soprano. On top of all that, this doesn’t even look good. No thanks.

RDT: Not quite getting a “so bad it’s good” vibe. I mean, it definitely looks terrible, but not in a “this is hilarious” way. Pass.

The Lady™: I don’t want to watch anything that has John Travolta in it that isn’t Face Off.


Loren: Why would you give away one of your twists in the trailer like that? Also, what the fuck is a Director X? There’s pretentious and then there’s whatever level that’s on.

RDT: Way too much expositional VO. Hope the movie’s not like that. Otherwise, it looks not ½ bad. Maybe when it’s streaming.

The Lady™: It looks kinda good, but…OMG THAT HAIR!! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO FOCUS?! Continue reading

Weekend Watch – 06/08/18

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

Ocean’s 8

Loren: Sure why not. I like more of the Ocean’s movies than I don’t and this looks like fun. Couple that with a great cast and this seems like a no brainer.

RDT: Love this cast. And, like Loren above, I have enjoyed 66% of the previous Ocean’s movies. So, sure, let’s steal some stuff.

The Lady™: John Mulaney made a joke a few years back that an all female Ocean’s Eleven could never work, because two women would keep breaking off to talk shit about the others. Although true to real life, I sincerely hope that’s not the case here, because this looks delightful!

Jen: This looks like a blast, I can not wait. Please be good, please be good!


Loren: Well that is VERY off-putting. It actually looks terrifying, like truly unsettling. Damn A24 leave some good movies for the rest of the genres.

RDT: Not even gonna watch the trailer. I’m out.

The Lady™: If I was capable of handling scary movies, I’d be totally down for this.

Jen: I’ve already heard Oscar buzz for Toni Collette for this role. I don’t know if I can handle watching it, the creep factor may be too much. But damn, you GO Toni Collette!

Hotel Artemis

Loren: That looks like a lot of fun. A little John Wick, a little Heat, with just enough comedy to make this one a flick that I’ll definitely check out.

RDT: So, it’s the Continental Hospital? Looks fun. I like that we keep getting a couple of these fun, over-the-top action movies each year. I’ll try to catch it in cinemas, but if not, definitely streaming.

The Lady™: God bless you Jeff Goldblum. He adds value to any flick, especially ones that already look great.

Jen: Jodie Foster has been my girl crush since I was, well, a girl. Without her I’d say this isn’t my cup of tea, but she’s got me curious. Continue reading

Let’s Talk About The First Bumblebee Teaser Trailer…

So it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these but then two trailers dropped on the same day that felt worthy of a “Let’s Talk About…” feature. The other being The Lego Movie 2 but I think I’m going to wait until we get the full trailer before sinking my teeth in on that one. So we’re left with Bumblebee.

Bumblebee is the first and last spinoff from the Michael Bay Transformers franchise. Maybe. Early word is that the Transformers franchise is going to be rebooted soon due mainly to The Last Knight failing pretty miserably. The studio was already pot committed when it came to the Bumblebee movie so we’re getting it wether we want to or not. And the sad thing is, this doesn’t look awful.

Set in the 80’s, it has more of the classic G1 Transformer look than any of the Bay-formers movies have had in the past. Coupled with a cast that doesn’t have a single Shia LaBeouf or Mark Wahlberg anywhere to be seen and this could be the Transformers movie we’ve been waiting for. Too bad it took us this long to get here. Starring Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit, Pitch Perfect 2 & 3) as Charlie and John Cena (The Marine, Ferdinand, every modern Wrestlemania) as Agent Burns. The story follows Bumblebee, on the run from Burns, hiding out in a small California town. Here he meets Charlie and adventures happen. Plus you get the addition of Martin Short(‘s voice) and Pamela Adlon to the cast, along with what I can only assume are tons of easter eggs and cameos. It is a little strange that this whole adventure happens but the government supposedly didn’t know about Transformers existence in the first movie from 2007. But then you remember that The Last Knight threw all of that away and had Bumblebee taking out Nazis in WWII so who knows. 

Anyway, enough of that, Let’s Talk About The First Bumblebee Teaser Trailer…

  • First off we get a trailer for a trailer which is my new least favorite thing that’s ever happened. #firstworldproblems
  • Next there’s a heavily backlit shot of a smaller framed Bee than we’re used to.                      
  • A few shots set the scene for us as Charlie rides here bike by the beach.
  • We hear a solemn voiceover by Bobby Bolivia (Bernie Mac) who sold Bumblebee to Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeof) in the original.
  • The voiceover reminds the audience that a person doesn’t choose their car, the car choose them. Especially when they are a sentient shape-shifting war robot seeking refuge from a planet of sentient shape-shifting war robots.
  • Charlie uncovers a beat up looking Yellow VW Bug which is what the original design of Bumblebee was modeled after. None of this Camaro bullshit. 
  • We’re spoon fed that this is Bee by having a literal bee hive growing in one of his wheel wells.   
  • Charlie now owns Bumblebee. Like, there’s a whole master/slave thing here that is very uncomfortable. It’s probably worse in Star Wars where they actually call their owners Master and do all their work for them. Here at least once the people figure out that their car is a sentient shape-shifting war robot they tend to let it live its robo-life on its own.
  • Anyway Charlie drives her new property home and pulls into her garage.
  • Her incredibly spacious two car garage is filled with tools and a different half built car that is most likely not a sentient shape-shifting war robot. 
  • Bumblebee goes a different route than the other sentient VW Bug that we all know and love, Herbie, by using the radio to get Charlie’s attention. 
  • Bee is literally falling apart. Literally. Because Charlie is handy she gets underneath and finds a hand. 
  • Then a face.     
  • The one thing I will give this is, this is so much closer to how the Transformers toys used to work. In the new movies I just assumed their faces got redistributed into the swirling mess that was the transformation. But this shows us that Bumblebee has been staring at the ground while driving for years.
  • Seeing Charlie causes Bee to transform for some reason. Though when he does he looks so much more like his original form. Well kinda, but moreso than his 2007 version that’s for sure.  
  • He also looks much smaller than the Camaro version. I’m sure that’s to make him closer to Hailee Steinfeld’s size but it’s still strange since he’s like 5 feet shorter.
  • Instead of running away screaming because your car just turned into a sentient shape-shifting war robot, it’s Bumblebee that backs off scared. Charlie wants to know who he is.  
  • Bumblebee still has his speaking affliction which we see the origin of in The Last Knight.
  • Charlie shows that she’s not going to hurt him by touching his face. Bee reacts like a cat and brushes his face against her hands.  
  • She wants to know what his name is, even though she knows he can’t talk. Rude.
  • Montage section.
  • Bumble runs through the woods as someone shoots at him. 
  • Charlie and a friend stand through Bee’s sunroof as he drives, potentially terrifying all of the other motorists around them.   
  • Ok, is Charlie in love with Bumblebee? She dives into the ocean to save him, knowing full well that he WEIGHS AS MUCH IF NOT MORE THAN A STANDARD CAR, and then gets to him and has a weird Shape of Water moment with him.     
  • Bumblebee is like a 10 year old boy about this crush though. He kicks sand in Charlie’s face and jealously carries her away from another boy.  
  • We get the only shot of Cena’s Agent Burns, who looks more military than secret agent. I guess he may be in more of the trailer and we just can’t see him. HAHAHAHAHA!    
  • Bumblebee has a superhero landing that’s just murder on the knees. 
  • There’s a great shot of Starscream that looks soooo much like his original G1 Transformers version that it almost sells this movie to me on it alone. 
  • Miscellaneous action starts to happen as Bumblebee drives next to a train and reaches out to grab it. Not sure about the physics behind this one, but they’ve set up that this is possible in previous Transformers movies.
  • Charlie hugs Bumblebee. But like, it’s more than that. They are definitely in love. I wonder if there’s going to be an awkward almost kiss like in Alien vs. Predator.   
  • Bumblebee suits up for battle and catches a helicopter. 
  • Title Card
  • Charlie is apparently the one that gave Bee the idea that he can speak through music. The first attempt she makes with this though is with a Rick Roll. Bumblebee doesn’t find it funny at all. He shoots the tape back at her and almost kills her. Ah young love. 

OK, so it doesn’t look amazing but hey it looks better than most of the films that came before it. I’ll probably check this one out and might even do so in the theater. What a time to be alive.

Bumblebee hits theaters everywhere this Christmas.

From Hollywood,

Episode #122 – False Equivalency

The guys are back to hit you directly in the face with the pop culture news from the week that was. They’re talking stories like:

  • Jamie Foxx is now Spawn, also still a game show host
  • MoviePass is now a production company, apparently
  • Tom Cruise posts instagram from first day of production on Top Gun: Maverick
  • The Crow reboot has lost its director and its Crow
  • Peppermint trailer
  • Kumail Nanjiani in talks for MIBIV
  • Roseanne cancelled, long live The Conners
  • Better Call Saul season 4 to premiere in August
  • FX picks up Legion for season 3
  • Heathers reboot scrapped completely
  • Andrew Lincoln leaving The Walking Dead…?
  • 3rd time’s a charm, Netflix picks up Locke & Key to series
  • Fallout 76 announced
  • Penguin rumored to be The Batman villain
  • Wonder Woman 2 set in 1984?
  • Silver & Black pulled from Paramount schedule
  • Dark Phoenix will be darker in tone, contain Phoenix

All that, the usual tangents, and of course the Weekly Watched!

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Weekend Watch – 06/01/18

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

Action Point:

Loren: I sort of have lost my love for the jackassery of these guys. Plus they are starting to get a little too old for this shit. Someone (else) is going to actually get hurt. Pass.

RDT: I thought the fake grandpa movie was kinda funny. This one? Not so much.

Jen: I am not the target audience of this film.


Loren: Hello one of my unfounded biggest fears. It’s not like a fear of open water but there is definitely a fear of being stranded and dying alone. Cool. I don’t know that I’ll be able to sit through this one.

RDT: It doesn’t look terrible, but it does look like a movie I’ve seen before, a lot. Also, the trailer reveals way too much. #standardtrailercomplaint

Jen: I’d be less freaked out by a shark movie than this. I’ll just watch a Jaws marathon instead, thanks.


Loren: Well that looks like a lot of bloody futuristic fun. Sign me up.

RDT: Yeah, I’m kind of into that. Maybe not in the theater, but I’ll keep it on my radar for streaming.

Jen: This looks… fine. Sure, air-conditioning, popcorn, I can dig it for those purposes. Continue reading

Weekend Watch – 05/25/18

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Loren: I know, I know, this movie shouldn’t exist. But it does and god dammit I’m kinda into it. As a lifelong Star Wars  fan, I always like seeing more of the galaxy that Lucas created, which no matter what we’re getting here. And how could you be mad at Dong Lover’s portrayal of Lando. You can’t. Early word is it’s “fun”. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good but I’ll take fun. In.

RDT: I am so back and forth on this. Hopeful, but not excited….? I dunno. I already have tickets, so I guess it’s moot.

The Lady™: I’m one of the two people who actually really enjoyed Ehrenreich’s performance in Beautiful Creatures (Hey, Crystal!) I’m trying to remain cautiously optimistic and not get too excited. But, also….STAR WARS!!! SQUEE!!

Jen: Jen’s out, but she wanted to make sure you knew that she’s “super psyched to see Lando, which is opening this week.  So glad they’re doing a good Lando-based prequel.”

Mary Shelley

Loren: Ah yes, the old sexy period drama. This time with the added bonus of X-Men Origins: Mary Shelley. I’m sure The Lady™ will want to see this. If she’s watching it and I’m around so be it.

RDT: Meh. Can we just get a new, good, Frankenstein movie? Or not. Nevermind.

The Lady™: Loren is correct. This was already on my radar, and I’m very excited for it!

In Darkness

Loren: Sighted people never look blind, it’s a fact. Anyway, this movie looks like a decent thriller filled with pretty people. I don’t see (get it) why I wouldn’t watch this, streaming of course.

RDT: I feel like I’ve seen this movie before, like a lot. Pass.

The Lady™: God, I love Natalie Dormer so much. I’m not likely to see this in theaters, but you bet your butt I’m gonna hop on it the second it hits streaming. Continue reading

Episode #120 – The Anti Berlanti

Did you want to know if next seasons shows look good? Well you’ve come to the right place. But that’s not all, the guys are also talking about all the news that happened over the last week.

  • Casting confirmations for IT: Chapter 2
  • Clue might get an R rating
  • Upfront Trailers and what we thought about them
  • SHIELD pushed to next summer
  • Whitney Cummings departs Roseanne reboot after Season 1
  • Kate Kane Batwoman will join the Arrow-verse next year
  • I, Zombie, Jane The Virgin, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend all to end after next year
  • EPIX (Whatever that is) orders Batman prequel Pennyworth
  • Cartoon Network reboots Thundercats, makes it look like Teen Titans Go
  • Showtime picks up City on a Hill from Damon/Affleck
  • Brian Fuller bolts from 4th show, Vampire Chronicles
  • Bullseye in Daredevil season 3?
  • New She-Ra cast revealed, coming to Netflix
  • LA’s Finest, the Bad Boys spinoff, may go to Charter Communications
  • Rumored Obi-Wan plot isn’t real
  • Deadpool 2 dethrones Infinity War

All that, the Weekly Watched, and all the usual tangents!

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Weekend Watch – 05/11/18

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

Life of the Party

Loren: The only thing that made me even smirk in that trailer was Maya Rudolph. Pass.

RDT: I chuckled just enough to consider it when it’s streaming in a few months.

The Lady™: I didn’t want to find this funny. I’m very over these types of movie. And yet, vaGoogle kinda got me…

Jen: I could watch this on a lazy, hungover Sunday on my couch eating pizza after an epic night of partying. Oh wait, I’m in my 40s? Yeah, never mind.

Breaking In

Loren: I like Gabrielle Union and this is a fun spin on the “Home Invaders” trope. I won’t see this in the theater but I’ll check it out down the road.

RDT: Just badass enough for me to give it a watch on the old ‘Flix or ‘Lu (as the kids are calling it) or whatever streaming service it ends up on.

The Lady™: Cool! Lady’s a badass! Totally not for me, but cool.

Jen: I usually hate movies like this but damn if I didn’t find myself rooting for Gabrielle Union even in trailer form! Maybe it’s the mom in me, but this looks badass and fun. In.

The Seagull

Loren: Was this trailer made in 1999? That’s a lot of people for a movie that doesn’t look so good. I can’t even imagine this is paying for all of their boats. I’m very confused.

RDT: I am stumped for a comment. So, yeah….

The Lady™: I love that this looks like it’s from 1999! The art of the great one and done movie kind of died after the 90s. I have a feeling I’ll end up watching this more than a few times.

Jen: Ah, Chekov’s gun! That’s all I got. Continue reading