Weekend Watch – 12/6/19

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

Playmobil The Movie

Loren: Seeing as how I’m the “LEGO guy” of the group I have taken a hard stance on all other children’s toy properties. Also seeing as how meh all the other LEGO movies have been (besides the original) I don’t know why they thought this would be a good idea.

Rick: I suppose this was an inevitability, but with the tepid reception of the last Lego movie I can’t imagine this is going to sell a lot of tickets. Also, Frozen II is still making money hand over fist and booked on nearly all the screens in every multiplex. STX should have just released this next February. Then it might have had a chance.

Jen: This looks… fine. Nothing in here makes me want to rush out and see it, it really feels like a LEGO movie knock off, which it is, I guess.

AJ: …. Really?! And how is this movie coming out wide this week and this is the first time I’m hearing anything about it? Good luck with that, I guess.

Limited Release


Loren: Everyone below really nails it here. I also cringed at the VO, and assumed that she was in love with her brother. The Philippines are weird man.

Rick: I’m sorry, but they completely lost me with the hilariously over the top voice over (that’s in English instead of Tagalog, for some reason). I just can’t take any of this seriously.

Jen: There’s a lot going on here, is one of the friends marrying the brother of the other but also there’s an affair? But not with the brother, right? There’s not some sort of weird incest thing happening… or is there? Is that the unforgivable sin? Yikes. I might just have to write my own fan-fic version of this trailer.

AJ: Dear lord, there are some really bad wigs in that movie. Didn’t know they had telenovelas in the Philippines.

Trauma Center

Loren: Woof. Shit like this is usually right up my alley but it really needs to be a step or two better. This just looks predictable and lazy. Also it looks like they try for a horror bent at one point because our heroine looks way worse for wear in one of those scenes. A failure on multiple levels!

Rick: Man, someone needs to help Bruce Willis kick his boat-buying habit.

Jen: I think I got Action Movie BINGO; dirty cops, dead partner, free space, hot witness who needs protection. I win, right?

AJ: Nic Cage was like “watch me make all the bad movies,” and Bruce Willis was all “HOLD MY BEER.”

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Episode #200 – Sean Could You Come In Here? Feat. Rick!

It’s our 200th episode! To celebrate we made an extra long episode with our very first co-contributor Rick! The three amigos are talking stories like:

  • Tenet, Christopher Nolan’s next film, will get an Imax prologue
  • Elizabeth Banks, Invisible Woman
  • The Fugitive is on the run again
  • Godzilla vs. Kong pushed back to November 2020
  • Downton Abbey movie sequel in the works
  • Scorsese directing 70s music documentary
  • Julia Ormond is starring in The Walking Dead spinoff nobody asked for
  • MST3Kancelled
  • Netflix signs lease to keep historic Paris theater open
  • Netflix picks up new Shaun the Sheep movie & Tyler Perry drama
  • Disney+ faking HDR but they added a continue watching feature
  • We can thank Werner Herzog that ‘Baby Yoda’ is a puppet
  • Mandalorian tops Stranger Things on TV demand charts
  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order making all the monies
  • DC movie updates
  • Black Widow is not an origin movie
  • Dr. Doom rumored to be the villain in Black Panther 2

All that, a supersized Weekly Watched, and oh so many tangents! Thanks so much for making these 200 episodes fly by. You keep listening, we’ll keep talking at you.

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Weekend Watch – 11/29/19

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

Knives Out

Loren: Very excited for this. I’ve heard that if it does well (Currently tracking at 96% on RT) Johnson wants to make more movies with Daniel Craig’s character. A sort of modern day Poirot and I’m so down for that.

RDT: What Rick, Jen and AJ said.

Rick: 100%. I already have tickets to see it.

Jen: What Rick said, I can’t wait to check this one out.

Yes, we are in sync here! I look forward to seeing this tonight with RDT, Rick, Jen and many other friends.

Queen & Slim

Loren: I’m down. The pedigree behind it is enough for me to at least check it out.

RDT: Fuck man, so many good movies out or coming out. I will definitely keep this up there on the list.

Rick: You had me at “Written by Lena Waithe”.

Jen: I love this take on the Thelma and Louise story. Waithe is an amazing writer so I have no doubt this will be even better than it looks.

AJ: I’ve been half-paying attention to this but now that I see “written by Lena Waithe,” I am all in.

Limited Release

White Snake

Loren: I dug the way that looked, so much so that I kinda want a dubbed version so that I can truly appreciate the visuals.

RDT: Not really for me. But I hope those interested enjoy it.

Rick: The story of the White Snake is considered one of China’s four great folktales, so you can imagine that this is not the first time it’s been adapted. This is, however, unique in that this serves as a kind of prequel to the well-known legend. I love the bold look and that it’s obviously influenced by countless wuxia films. It was a huge hit in China, but their animated films haven’t really broken through in the US. This is also aimed at an older audience (there’s suggested nudity and a love scene), so don’t look for it to pull Frozen II numbers at the box office. But maybe some good reviews and awards season love will get it noticed and bring more Chinese animation stateside.

Jen: This title is very misleading, I didn’t see David Coverdale in there at all.

AJ: You know what? I am surprisingly in for that! Didn’t see that coming. Animation looks pretty bad-ass and the story is great. I’m gonna make Rick take me and teach me his ways.

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Weekend Watch – 11/22/19

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

Frozen 2

Loren: I feel bad for parents because they’ve had to see the original so many times, but having only seen it once (twice?) I don’t hate it. This looks pretty good and I’ll be interested to see how they make the medieval X-Men.

RDT: You know, I don’t hate the original. And I may own the soundtrack. Wait….that might be Wicked. Anyway, I will likely check this out when it hits Netflix Disney+.

Rick: I’m not a huge fan of animated musicals. I find most modern ones kind of meh and a slog, like the songs are shoehorned in there (I’m looking at you, Toy Story 2). But then you have ones like The Princess and the Frog, Tangled, and Frozen where the music feels so organic that telling the stories songless would do them a disservice. I appreciate that this sequel is taking a page from Studio Ghibli and older kids movies and upping the intensity and potential danger. We’ve gone through such a long stretch where animated movies had to be fluffy and bright. Some of that is fine, but kids also need stuff like The Secret of Nimh, Coraline, and Spirited Away to balance things out.

AJ: I saw Frozen in theaters twice. I sang the shit out of that soundtrack in the car for MONTHS, following. I am not a parent and I am not ashamed. So yes, I am totally going to buy a ticket to this movie and I may even go alone, get myself an Icee and ginormous bucket of popcorn and make a “date” out of it. I’m pretty excited.

21 Bridges

Loren: I like a solid action flick probably more than most. It takes a lot to get me into the theater nowadays though, so I’ll probably catch this one from my couch down the line.

RDT: I keep saying we need more of these movies. And then they release more of these movies. So, I should go see more of these movies….right? I definitely feel like seeing a movie this weekend. Maybe it’ll be this one!

Rick: I’m into this, but I have a small nit to pick. Shutting down all the bridges? Great. What’s to prevent the guys he’s chasing from taking a PATH train to Jersey? Or a Ferry?

AJ: First Russo Brothers theatrical project post Endgame starring Black Panther? Sold.

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Loren: It’s a true testament to Hanks’ acting ability that you completely forget it’s him. This looks excellent, I hope that it actually is.

RDT: That trailer had me when Susan Kelechi Watson said “Please don’t ruin my childhood.” And it looks like it doesn’t. Maybe it’ll be double-feature this weekend, this and 21 Bridges? I do also want to see Ford vs Ferrari. Triple feature????

Rick: I’m not crying. You’re crying!

AJ: Have tissues. Will travel. To this movie. If Hanks doesn’t get yet another Oscar nomination for this, by the way, I will be deeply surprised. Continue reading

Episode #198 – Captain Corellia’s Mandalorian

Entertainment News? Pop Culture? A Jedi needs not these things. Luckily you aren’t a Jedi. This week the guys are talking:

  • Nic Cage to play Nic Cage in a movie about Nic Cage talking to Nic Cage
  • The King’s Man pushed to Sept, 2020
  • New Sonic trailer w/new Sonic design
  • Brooklyn 99 renewed for Season 8
  • More Crisis teasers
  • Netflix to produce Beverly Hills Cop 4
  • The Witcher picked up for Season 2 ahead of Season 1
  • No plans for Veronica Mars Season 5, yet
  • Sin City: The Series in development
  • Titans renewed for Season 3
  • Black Adam confirmed for December, 2021
  • Joker is the first R-rated movie to clear $1B, are we getting Joker 2?
  • RDJ will voice Tony Stark for What If…? animated series
  • Marvel claims 5 more dates through 2023
  • We watched The Mandalorian and we spoil the hell out of the first 2 episodes

All that, the Weekly Watched, and of course tangents!

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Weekend Watch – 11/15/19

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

Charlie’s Angels

Loren: Sure why not. Looks like it could be a good time on a Saturday afternoon. A not so serious spy franchise with some talented actors that aren’t too bad to look at. That sounds like something I could be into.

RDT: Looks fun. And I like the idea that The Townsend Agency is now a global organization. I don’t know that I’ll catch it in theaters, but it’ll stay on the radar.

Rick: This looks like fun and it would be nice to have another spy franchise that isn’t Mission: Impossible. Here’s hoping this does well.

Jen: I am 100% in for a fun girl-power movie. I loved the last round of Charlie’s Angels movies so much and I am here for more.

AJ: I was invited to an early press screening of this and I have to confess, I enjoyed it. Some truth: Elizabeth Banks has a lot to learn as a Director, it’s not gonna win any awards, and some of the wigs were laughable, but it’s fun. I say this is a girls’ night out movie, for sure. Pregame with some cocktails and enjoy. Kristen Stewart is sassy as all get out in the film and it works. It’s a shocking delight. I didn’t know she had that in her but then, I also just marathoned some Twilight movies.

Ford Vs Ferrari

Loren: I feel like I should be into this more than I am. It looks perfectly acceptable but I don’t know that I care enough.

RDT: I like the trailer. Good cast. Solid director. And we don’t get many movies like this these days. I have a busy weekend, but I’ll try to catch this up on the big screen sooner than later.

Rick: I hate the title. It sounds like something marketing came up with it when they couldn’t figure out how to sell the story. That aside, I am all over this. Shelby’s development of the GT and Ford’s bid to take on Ferrari at Le Mans is a bit legendary in automotive circles. I never thought would get made into a movie (mostly because of Ferrari), but I’m glad it’s getting the star treatment. I’ll absolutely see this in theaters.

Jen: I lived with a Ford guy for years and now I’m married to a Formula 1 guy so I have a lot of car info floating around in my head. I am really excited to see this story on the big screen and with a great cast and what looks like a fun film.

AJ: The critics have embraced this and I’m inclined to see it, yes. I’m not a “car person” or anything but I am totally a Matt Damon and Christian Bale person.

The Good Liar

Loren: It seems we’ve found everyone at HPN’s kink. Sexy Old People Thrillers. Who knew. In.

RDT: I’ve seen this trailer a couple times now, and I’m into it. (Or “here for it,” as the kids say.) We’re in “good movie season.” So, it may have to wait. But I’ll keep it on the old radar!

Rick: Sexiest movie of the year or sexiest movie of the year? Take all of my monies, The Good Liar.

Jen: I cannot wait to see this. If you can say no to Ian McKellen and Helen Mirren together, you’re a stronger person than I.

AJ: This movie stars an 80 year old gay man and a 74 year old British Dame and you know what? That trailer was sexy as hell. 1000% turned on and in.

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Weekend Watch – 11/8/19

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

Doctor Sleep

Loren: I feel like I’m supposed to care about this much more than I do. I know that usually I’m the one that’s into what the characters are up to later in life but I never really thought about it in this context. I’m hearing it’s pretty good though so maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about.

RDT: If you’ve listened to the podcast at all since they announced this, you may have heard me talk about the book upon which this film is based. It’s honestly not terrible (which may be damning it with faint praise). I found the grown-up Danny stuff with the girl to be really well done. I could’ve read another whole book just about them. I don’t want to get into spoilers but…. the villains are…… interesting, but not scary. And King made some……changes to the shining that I fundamentally disagree with. That all being said, I’m watching The Shining Friday night and seeing this Saturday morning.

Rick: Early word is that this is actually good. I know. I’m as surprised as you are, especially considering how divisive reviews of the novel were (confession: I didn’t read it). I’ll probably watch this eventually out of curiosity. I’m more excited to watch Warner Bros. restoration of The Shining, which I’m sure probably happened (at least in part) because of this super late sequel, so I’m grateful for that.

Jen: This looks pretty good, surprisingly. I do love the original The Shining film more than the book. Not sure how much this hews to one or the other or if it doesn’t matter… Either way, I probably won’t see it on the big screen, but I’d be down to catch it on streaming down the road.

AJ: I just heard on a podcast that the most successful movies based on King materials are not in the horror genre (Shawshank and Stand by Me). I found that interesting. And that is all I can contribute to this leg of the conversation because all that Shining stuff scares the b’jeezus outta me. I would, however, totally see DOGTER SLEEP.


Loren: I wonder if anyone else thinks this looks like an even worse Pearl Harbor.

RDT: I’ve never seen Pearl Harbor, so why would I watch a shitty knock-off?

Rick: Apparently this movie is a disaster. Not in the fun, Irwin Allen way, but more the MIchael Bay’s Pearl Harbor variety. I’d say you could go back and watch the 1976 version with Charlton Heston and Henry Fonda, but I don’t know that you’d have a much better time.

Jen: Is this related to Pearl Harbor in some way? I mean it REALLY looks just like it – not in a good way.


This is giving me all the Michael-Bay-Pearl-Harbor vibes and that is not a compliment.

Playing With Fire

Loren: I know I’m the wrestling aficionado of HPN but this isn’t doing it for me. I prefer Cena on the silver screen to the flatscreen, but this seems below what he is capable of.

RDT: Kindergarten Cop may not have done it first, but it did it best. Sorry, Cena, it’s not that I can’t see you in this movie, it’s that I won’t see you in this movie.

Rick: Dear John Cena. You’re better than this. Also, this looks like it should have been a Disney Channel TV movie, not a theatrical feature. And this release date is unfortunately timed. After all the horrific fires out here I have a hard time getting behind a movie that is more fire fighter buffoonery than heroism. This is probably going to die on the vine.

Jen: AJ makes a very good point that I hadn’t thought of. Maybe this is the inevitable growing pain of a star. But then what’s Keegan Micahel Key’s excuse?

AJ: It’s important to remember that before we got the version of The Rock we know and love, we had to suffer through his horrendous CGI Scorpion King and Tooth Fairy. John Cena gave us gold in Trainwreck so I know he can do better. Continue reading

Episode #196 – Electric Spider Goo

Entertainment News? Pop Culture? Weird Personal Stories? You’ve come to the right place:

  • Paul Feig to direct Dark Army
  • Peacock? More like Free-cock!
  • Superman and Lois in development
  • Felicity will be back for Arrow series finale
  • HBO not moving forward with GoT prequel
  • HBO picks up GoT prequel
  • Pennyworth renewed for season 2
  • Pearson canceled
  • The Witcher trailer
  • AppleTV+ shows aren’t great
  • Hocus-er Pocus-er
  • HBO Max details
  • Playstation Vue will shut down in January
  • Benioff and Weiss have “stepped away” from Star Wars
  • Full Mandalorian trailer
  • Pedro Pascal is Maxwell Lord in WW84
  • Spiderverse sequel official. To be released April 2022
  • Ant-Man 3 is happening with Peyton Reed

All that, the Weekly Watched, and of course tangents!

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Weekend Watch – 11/01/19

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release

Terminator: Dark Fate

Loren: I’m kinda super in to this. Fingers crossed it’ll be at least better than all the other post T2 movies.

RDT: This is the fourth third Terminator, but only the second third Terminator James Cameron considers the “official” third Terminator. And it’s the first third Terminator that he is directly involved in. So, when you think about it, how could it be bad?


I’m super hyped for this. I mean, I’m prepared to be disappointed, but still super hyped.

Jen: RDT said exactly what I was thinking.

AJ: I will 100% see this and no doubt, be 100% let down by it.


Loren: That trailer probably makes this look a lot more action packed than it really is, but I’m glad the story is getting it’s mainstream cinematic due.

RDT: Am I the only one that thought that was a horrible trailer? It’s a story I’m curious about and want to see cinematically. But this version just seems…… shallow.

Rick: If there’s a story that deserves to be told well, it’s this one. This is already getting an Oscar push from Focus, so my expectations are high. Fingers crossed this is as strong as it looks.

Jen: It’s about time this made it to the screen and I couldn’t love this cast more. I’m looking forward to this with high hopes.

AJ: It looks like the story of Harriet Tubman as told through a Disney’fied lense, right? I don’t know…. I think Ervo’s performance is apt to be stunning but the movie itself looks a little subpar. I want this to be grittier.

Motherless Brooklyn

Loren: I know that the Tourettes is the hook to this story but maybe it shouldn’t be. Just make a noir movie with a down on your luck guy as your protagonist instead of marginalizing someone who’s disabled.

RDT: Dax Shepard considers him a friend. He really is a great actor, in my opinion. And he’s the second best cinematic Hulk. Plus, asshole or not, we need more movies like this being made. Plus, I think it looks pretty good. If reviews are decent, I will make an attempt to see it in the theater.

Rick: The source novel is excellent (and one I’ve been meaning to re-read), and an adaptation has potential to be just as good. I’m worried that this is going to go sideways, mostly via performances, but I have hope.

Jen: AJ, I’ll see your feelings about Norton and raise you a Baldwin. They both took me out of this trailer, which seems, otherwise, like a fine neo-noir.

AJ: First of all, let’s all congratulate Bruce Willis for making a movie that I wouldn’t categorize under “boat payment.” Beyond that, there is just something about Norton that comes across as so arrogant and gross and, for me, I find it permeates into his performances. I’m just not that excited for this. Continue reading

Weekend Watch – 10/25/19

Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).


Wide Release


Loren: I bet they thought they were really clever when they wrote this. They were wrong.

Rick: What if the first five seconds of a trailer could tell me everything I need to know about this cheapjack “horror” movie?

AJ: You can’t see me – just know I am shaking my head.

Black and Blue

Loren: So someone asked for 16 Blocks with the addition of modern day racial tension? And then they thought they should put Tyrese in said movie? Bold choice.

Rick: Have you ever seen a corrupt cop/rookie who saw too much movie? If you haven’t, you should absolutely go watch Training Day way, way, way, way before you bother with this tropey junk.

AJ: I’d write this off were it not for Naomi Harris. Contrary to my counterparts here, I’m sold.

The Current War

Loren: I kinda find the melodrama of this hilarious but in the best way. I’ll give this a go at some point down the line for the cast if nothing else.

Rick: Yes, please. I’ve been looking forward to this. Gimme all the scientist in-fighting. It should be noted that this isn’t the critically lambasted version that debuted at the Toronto Film Festival a few years ago and got buried during the Weinstein scandal. It’s the director’s cut and, by all accounts, is actually worth seeing.

AJ: That’s quite a cast and I’ve never seen Michael Shannon give a bad performance. And what Rick said. Continue reading