Let’s Talk About The Second Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer

First let me just say thank you to whatever deity deals with movie trailer releases. After getting the abysmal Justice League trailer over the weekend we are blessed with this pretty great Spider-Man: Homecoming one.

I’ve already covered a ton of the Spider-Man/Sony history in my Breakdown of the first trailer so I won’t rehash that here. I will note, however, that this trailer doesn’t focus as much on Peter/Spider-Man being in high school. That was the first trailer’s job to give us that John Hughes Movie feel that they are going for. This one is more about the story and the action. We get a lot of both here so let’s not waste any more time. Let’s Talk About The Second Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer:

  • To start we get the trailer for the trailer that studios seem to be doing now. It really feels redundant.
  • The trailer actually opens with Peter Parker (Tom Holland) running across a street into an alley to put on his super suit. This proves to us that he’s actually a superhero, because as we all know this is what they do.
  • We get some cool shots of the Stark Tech built into the suit Peter is using. Like when he puts it on it’s too big but he presses the spider emblem on his chest it cinches to the right size. We also get more of the irises shifting in the masks eyes.
  • The audience is reminded that Spider-Man is a relatively funny character. He swings past a platform of people waiting for a train, poses, and says “what’s up” to them. Ok, maybe not haha funny, but it still gives you an idea of his character.
  • Peter asks Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) about becoming an Avenger. Tony drops the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man line at him to try and discourage it.
  • Spider-Man swings through a backyard pool party and splashes water all over the guests. It’s cool, but if I was at that party I’d be pretty pissed, and also wet.
  • We get the shot of Peter (without his mask) crawling on the ceiling as Ned Leeds (Jacob Batalon) looks on in shock. Ned drops his LEGO death star into a million pieces (ok only 3,803 pieces) and calls out Peter for being The Spider-Man from Youtube. 
  • Ned asks all the right questions. Can he summon an army of spiders? Does he know Cap? Can he try the suit on? 
  • Michael Keaton‘s Adrian Toomes says that the rich and the powerful, like Stark, don’t care about them.
  • We get a quick glimpse of Donald Glover and one of the other Vulture gang members trying out some (most likely) stolen tech. This lends a lot of credence to the theory that Glover is playing Aaron Davis aka The Prowler, who happens to be Miles Morales‘ uncle. 
  • Toomes says the world’s changing and it’s time they did too. He may take that a little too literally because he becomes a straight up bird-themed super villain called the Vulture.
  • Peter tries to tell Stark that the weapons Vulture’s gang stole are really dangerous and that he has to stop them, but Stark wants him to leave it to the professionals that blew up a building in Lagos, crashed helicarriers into the Potomac, and dropped a goddamn city out of the sky.
  • There’s a nice bit of Spider-Man’s sarcasm when he jumps onto a ferry the gang is using and tells them that they missed the 2:30pm Illegal Weapons Ferry. We also get a bit more of the Stark Tech enhancements to some of Spidey’s offense.
  • The Vulture uses the energy weapon we saw earlier to rip the ferry in half. Spider-Man tries to web it together. And sadly, we can’t seem to escape the Jesus pose for our hero. 
  • Luckily Iron Man flies in and helps save the day by pushing the ferry back together. There are also either missiles or drones that presumably help. I don’t know how any of this works, but it does. 
  • Tony chastises Peter that someone could have gotten hurt. Peter says that he wanted to be like him. Tony says he wants Peter to be better than him. This plays much better than the children’s book it sounds like.
  • Tony takes the Spider Suit back. Peter pleads that he’s nothing without it, to which Tony responds if that’s the case then he shouldn’t have the suit at all.
  • Some shots of New York to reestablish locale and Peter says he screwed up, Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) tries to comfort him.
  • Toomes tells Homemade Costume Variant Spider-Man that he will do anything to protect his family.
  • We get a better shot of Bokeem Woodbine‘s The Shocker (get your mind out of the gutter). As he powers up and punches Peter through a school bus.

  • Slick montage of Spider-Man and the Vulture fighting in different places. On the beach at Coney Island, in a parking garage, in Washington D.C., all over.
  • Vulture tells Peter from the front seat of a car that he shouldn’t mess with him or he’ll kill everyone he loves. We get shots of Aunt May and Liz Allen (Laura Harrier).
  • Speaking of Washington, we move there with some sort of explosion at the top of the Washington Monument. Michelle (Zendaya) tells Spider-Man her friends are up there. 
  • We get our last bit of totally rad Stark Tech (guess Peter gets that suit back) where the emblem on Spider-Man’s chest comes off and flies away like a drone. MCU version of Spider Tracers maybe?
  • The shot we saw in the first trailer of Spider-Man jumping over the helicopter is intercut with him saving an elevator full of kids in the monument.
  • Peter tells Stark that Vulture is still out there and he’s gotta do this on his own. Maybe this will stop people asking why other members of Team Stark didn’t show up to help. Plus most of them aren’t on the team anymore.
  • Homemade Variant Spider-Man and Vulture have a climactic battle on top of a crashing airplane. It looks amazing (pun intended). 
  • Title card.
  • Tony ends the trailer by telling Peter not to do anything stupid as we get shots of Spider-Man attempting to fly the crashing plane using his webbing on the wings. It’s really a great visual.

Spectacular! Amazing! Web Of! Wait scratch that last one. This is exactly what I think we needed to see. The first trailer got the teenage angst and the heart of Peter right and this one gets the action and the whole “Great Power/Great Responsibility” thing down perfect. You really feel, even from this short trailer, that Peter wants to be a hero and use his gifts to help people. I think we have the makings of the best cinematic version of Spider-Man on our hands here and I can’t wait.

Spider-Man: Homecoming opens everywhere July 7th.

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