Episode #23 – Goonies R Good Enough

This week, Chad steps in for Loren and we figure out if superhero fatigue is real (it’s not). But first, the news.

  • Goonies 2? Two-nies?
  • Flatliners resuscitated
  • Another Rogue One trailer
  • Alien prequels! Alien sequels! We got them all!
  • Batman ’66:Batman Begins :: Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers:???
  • Star Trek Beyond bits
  • Assassin’s Creed not about the money
  • CW airing Supergirl season 1 leading up to debut of season 2
  • John Barrowman on all The CW
  • Supernatural Forever
  • Game of Thrones delayed
  • Netflix/CW in bed together
  • Warriors, come out and play…on Hulu
  • Batman: Killing Joke gets a 1-night release
  • Who will be Iris West in The Flash movie?
  • Spider-Selfie, plus more casting
  • Gambit gets a shoot date

All that and a few tangents.

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