Episode #39 – Strange Choices

Another week, another look at the (pop culture) news.

  • Uwe Bol to retire.
  • James Gunn NOT directing a bunch of movies.
  • Uncharted gets a director to go with the writer.
  • Rambo reboot.
  • Ice Cube (not Tea) in a Twist.
  • Incredibles 2 and Toy Story 4 swip swap.
  • No TMNT 3.
  • Yes “Has Fallen” 3. (That sentence will make sense once you listen.
  • Bryan Fuller no longer has ST:D
  • Muppet Babies re(baby)booted.
  • Still So Raven…?
  • WestWorld season 2 nearly confirmed.
  • All the Knight Riders!!!
  • More Switch rumors.
  • Doug Liman thinks highly of himself, and also talks about the superhero movie he’s making for the DCEU.
  • Punisher coming sooner than expected, with new friends.
  • Defenders to be 8 episodes.
  • Does Cap need Steve?
  • More Deadpool 2 news.

All of that, plus Loren went to Stan Lee’s LA Comicon! Oh, and the usual tangents.

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