Let’s Talk About The New Wonder Woman Trailer

God dammit DC. Stop tricking me. You can’t give me three terrible movies that had good trailers and expect me to buy that this movie is going to be good.

Guys, this trailer is really good. DAMMIT! Maybe, just maybe, this is the movie that turns it around for the DCEU. Here’s hoping. As I’ve said before, I don’t want to hate these movies, that’s just where we are. Alright enough whining Let’s Talk About The New Wonder Woman Trailer:

  • The trailer opens with Diana (Gal Gadot) walking in the courtyard of the Louvre in what appears to be modern day.
  • She opens a briefcase containing a photo of her, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), and some eclectic World War 1 compatriots.
  • Diana tells us that she used to want to save the world. Has that changed? I know the WWI stuff is obviously before the Legal Proceeding but are the Modern Day scenes as well? Because if not, she already saved the world from the shittiest version of Doomsday (next to Smallvilles).
  • We get a sweeping shot of Themyscira, home of the Amazons. The tribe of women warriors that Wonder Woman comes from.
  • A plane crashes into the beautiful blue water. We can assume that’s Steve Trevor plane and this is where he ends up on an island with no men.
  • Diana cliff dives into the ocean to save him. As her voice over tells us that though it is beautiful, there is a darkness within.
  • This is juxtaposed with German soldiers landing on the beachhead. Presumably the one’s that shot Trevor’s plane down. The War has come to Paradise Island.
  • The Amazons ride into battle against the German troops.
  • One, possibly Artemis, shoots an arrow into the cliffside and swings down into the fight while firing arrows at the incoming soldiers. As she’s swinging in behind Diana and Steve a soldier takes aim and fires.
  • Diana sees the bullet in slow motion fly into her sister. She tells us that she learned of the Darkness the hard way.
  • Diana and Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons (Connie Neilsen), question Trevor on what his mission is. He tells them it is to end the war. They do not know of this war.
  • We get some shots of WWI era munitions and locales.
  • Trevor tells us that there are weapons that are far deadlier than you can ever imagine, which gets a little too Hellboy ( I know that’s WWII) in their looks.
  • Danny Huston‘s Unnamed General states that with these weapons the war can be theirs. I wonder if he always plays an asshole.
  • Trevor tells the Amazons that they are in more danger than they think, which is probably not true but he thinks they are just frail women at this point.
  • Diana tells Hippolyta that she can’t stand by and needs to join the fight.
  • She gears up with her shield and sword and we get a glimpse of the red, blue and gold Wonder Woman costume, that she presumably won’t wear in this movie.
  • Hard cut to the world of man. London sometime around 1916.
  • A man asks Trevor who Diana is. He tells them she’s his secretary because woman.
  • Diana protects Steve from a bullet with her Magic Bracelets which sounds really dumb when you write it out, but look really cool on screen.
  • Then what I think is the coolest scene in the trailer, Diana deflects a barrage of bullets from would be assassins in an alley. Protecting her and Steve in the process.
  • Diana states that is their sacred duty to defend the world as we see some of the soldiers returning with their wounds.
  • True to her character, Diana climbs out of the trenches and heads toward the opposition. They fire, and she deflects the bullet with her gauntlet.
  • Action montage time. Trevor flies his plane over a Central Power’s base, Diana crashes through a window. Dogfights. Horse riding. Explosions. Flips. The usual.
  • This is intercut with Diana attending some sort of ball and looking absolutely stunning in a blue dress. Which is only marred by the fact that she has her sword sheathed in the back, which makes absolutely no sense.
  • We get a shot of Diana using her Magic Lasso (also sounds dumb writing out) to whip something into a building and cause it to explode.
  • I’m proven wrong about the actual Wonder Woman costume because it seems she’s wearing it toward the films climax as she fights some enemy soldiers.
  • What’s up with that weird music sting that sounds like BvS? The wailing electric guitar riff does NOT fit here. God dammit DC.
  • Then the added comedy scene. Diana asks how a woman can fight in her Belle Epoque style dress. To which Etta Candy (Lucy Davis) replies that women use their principles although she’s not opposed to fisticuffs should the occasion arise. It’s cute.

And that does it. The trailer is pretty good but there are a few things in there that worry me slightly. The magic-y macguffin that will surely be the catalyst for the story, or the humor added in which may feel strange in a DCEU movie even though that’s what we’ve been asking for.

The story is by Snyder which is terrifying but Patty Jenkins is a much better director than he is so it may work out. All that said, I’m in. Let’s all hope we don’t get burned again.

Wonder Woman opens everywhere June, 2017.

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