Episode #55 – Die Letzten Jedi

This week, the boys are back from a couple very different cons (COOOOOONNNNNN!!!!!!). So let’s dive into some Dr. Who info, baking tips and, of course, pop culture news.

  • R2D2-2
  • The Last Jedi..s?
  • The Raid: Reboot
  • The Lion King voice cast seems a little familiar
  • The Predator will not be going Dutch
  • Ru-Fi-O!!!!!! (probably won’t happen)
  • Helen Mirren #F8 role revealed
  • View Askew news confirmed and clarified
  • Superstore will be back
  • Leo Getz cast on Lethal Weapon
  • Who is Black Lightning, and where should his show end up?
  • Jawbreaker breaking jaws on E!!!!
  • Castle Rock coming to Hulu
  • The Batflick in turmoil
  • The original Mad Max to helm the unoriginal Suicide Squad 2?
  • Wonder Woman villain confirmed, kind of, we guess
  • And, apparently, Logan is good. Like really good.

All that, plus the usual tangents.

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