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Welcome to the Weekend Watch. Where we try to point you towards the best ways to spend your viewing time (or, at least, steer you clear of the garbage).



Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2





The Dinner

Loren: Everyone else seems really into this so sure why not.

RDT: I stopped watching about 90 seconds into that trailer. I started to feel like my brain was trying to figure it out. I’d rather just watch the movie (or read the book).

Rick: Yep. Totally in for this.

Jen: A four star cast? A trailer that builds suspense and interest without giving away the whole plot? An adult drama? Yeah, I’ll check this out.


3 Generations

Loren: Without reading anyone else’s below I thought, “Man that was not a good trailer for what could be a pretty good movie”. Glad to see I wasn’t alone in that thinking. It started like a movie that we covered last year, whose name eludes me at the moment, but changed up with the trans story that seemed really well handled.

RDT: Regardless of the subject matter, that’s a pretty generic trailer (and, like Jen says, title), yet I’m still intrigued. I get a little bit The Kids Are Alright vibe, too. I feel no need to run out, but I’m sure it’ll stay on my radar.

Rick: Like Jen mentions below, the title is lacking. The subject matter, however, is important. In order to make the movie more accessible to younger viewers, The Weinstein Company and GLAAD successfully protested the original R-rating the film was given by the MPAA and got it down to a PG-13. I have a feeling that this will do better on home video than in theaters, but good for them for putting up a fight to help its intended audience see the film.

Jen: Generic title alert! Why they changed this from “About Ray,” I’ll never know, but I love the matter-of-factness with which Ray is dealt. Heck of a cast too, this will stay on my radar.

Buster’s Mal Heart

Loren: What just happened? I feel like I stroked out there for a minute.

RDT: Well shit. Color me clueless, but interested.

Rick: I have no idea what’s going on in this movie, but I’m okay with it bending my brain a little.

Jen: Whoa. I’m in for this, if only to try and figure out what’s going on. It doesn’t hurt the Rami Malek is pretty sensational.

Julian Schnabel: A Private Portrait (Limited)

Loren: Abstract art like this has never appealed to me. I can’t say that I’m going to see this movie.

RDT: Yeah, not my thing. But if you’re into it though, enjoy.

Rick: I know Julian Schnabel as a director, but know nothing of his art. I won’t rush out to theaters for this, but it’ll stay on my radar.

Jen: I love documentaries but there’s limited time in the world so I’m probably not going to see this one.

Lady Bloodfight (Limited)

Loren: I was kinda hoping it was Pink Power Ranger Amy Jo Johnson in the lead but oh well. I’m kinda super in for this, it’s right up my B-Movie alley (not a euphemism). But I agree with Rick, I really hope it doesn’t have that crazy shaky cam/quick edit stuff most modern action movies have. Let’s hope this is more The Raid than Taken.

RDT: If Rick screens it, I’ll watch it. If not, I’ll never give it another thought.

Rick: The star of this, Amy Johnston, was Scarlett Johansson’s stunt double in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, so there’s no doubt she can actually fight. My main concern with modern martial arts films (and action movies in general) is that there’s so much rapid-fire editing that you can’t tell what the hell is going on. I’m not expecting a masterpiece here. I just want to be able to enjoy the martial arts.

Jen: Ku-ma-te! Ku-ma-te! Ku-ma-te!

Risk (Limited)

Loren: I kinda get a “too soon” vibe from this but I’m pretty positive that’s the point.

RDT: I should care more about these types of things, shouldn’t I?

Rick: What Jen says.

Jen: I think this movie will infuriate me. That’s a good thing.

Tomorrow Ever After (Limited)

Loren: It’s an interesting take on time travel, even if it’s not actually about time travel. I’ll give this the old, “if it stays on my radar” bit.

RDT: Feels pretentious. And I’m willing to bet the ending has some ambiguity about whether she’s a time traveler or just “crazy.”

Rick: Man, that trailer is all over the place. It’s a decent idea, but I feel like it’ll drag as a feature. I’d rather watch it as a short.

Jen: This looks… fine? Sure.

Chuck (Limited)

Loren: This is sadly not a movie about RDT’s dog. Side note, when did Planet Hollywood open? I feel like if this movie is set in the 70s that wouldn’t have been around then.

RDT: It’s like Rocky meets Boogie Nights, but, you know, not as good as either one of those movies.

Rick: I’m a sucker for a boxing movie. I’ll probably watch this at home, though. And to answer Loren’s question: 1991.

Jen: Is Liev Schreiber looking more and more like Russell Crowe everyday?

The Lovers (Limited)

Loren: This movie is not for me.

RDT: If you’re a regular reader, you know of my admiration for A24, the company behind this. That alone puts this on my radar. The trailer moves it closer. Maybe in theaters, definitely streaming.

Rick: So, affairs make the heart grow fonder? Was that the message of that trailer? Regardless, as much as I’m happy to see Debra Winger is still making movies, I’m not terribly enamored with this.

Jen: I really enjoyed this trailer, I think I may even attempt to see this in the theater – shocking, I know.


Sense8 – Season 2 (Netflix)

Loren: Didn’t watch Season 1 yadda yadda yadda.

RDT: I tried season 1 and did not enjoy the episodes I watched. So, no thank you.

Rick: I’ve been halfway through Season 1 for an eon. I keep meaning to get back to it, but it’s just lingering in my queue. I’m not ready to abandon this show yet, though.

Jen: Season One has been recommended to me several times, but I just haven’t gotten there yet. It’s on the list though.

The Mars Generation (Netflix)

Loren: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91dW9pUA1BI

RDT: Is this about Space Camp or getting our collective asses to Mars? Not interested in the former, totally in for the latter.


Jen: This makes me hopeful. Although it also makes me want to watch Space Camp again. Does that hold up?

Maria Bamford: Old Baby (Netflix)

Loren: I like Bamford more as a standup than an actress. I’ll give this a whirl.

RDT: I have never clicked with Maria Bamford’s comedy stylings.

Rick: Meh.

Jen: Maria Bamford’s humor just isn’t for me. I’ll pass.

Herschell Gordon Lewis’ Bloodmania (Amazon)

Loren: Look, I like bad, campy horror movies but this just looks awful.

RDT: Rick, you’re up.

Rick: This movie languished in post production due to the flagging health and, ultimately, the passing of Herschell Gordon Lewis. This is the capper on a career in low budget exploitation and horror filmmaking that started in the early 1960s. His movies are an acquired taste to be sure, but they did wind up influencing a lot of directors and effects artist who have since surpassed Lewis’ talents by a fair margin. Do I expect this to be good? Conventionally, no. But I have a feeling it’ll be as weird, goofily fun, and most certainly as gory as all get out. Just as the Godfather liked it.

Jen: This one’s all you Rick.

Batman and Bill (Hulu)

Loren: Yeah I’m in for this. I’ll add it to whatever Hulu calls their queue.

RDT: Being the DC Comics nerd I am, I know a lot of this story already. Hopefully this fills in the gaps.

Rick: Yep. Gimmie.

Jen: Queue-lu? Seems interesting enough. I’ll give it a shot.

So that’s your upcoming weekend in review. Let us know what you saw, liked and/or hated.

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–Loren, RDT, Rick, and Jen

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