Episode #69 – Women Be Shoppin’!

It’s a slow news week. So it’s pretty much all tangents!

  • Top Gun 2 “definitely happening”
  • Tom Holland is Nathan Drake….?
  • More like Alien: Covenope
  • Fantastic Beasts 2 will have a script!
  • SNL loses another cast member.
  • The creator and stars of Hannibal up for more Hannibal.
  • Floriana Lima won’t be around as much for Supergirl season 3
  • Stephen Amell, Arrow Ninja Warrior
  • Lois & Clark reboot? No.
  • Hanna: The Series
  • Ellen, stand up!
  • Ride some Guardians (and whatever else Marvel/Disney may have planned).
  • Zack Snyder deals with a tragedy as Joss Whedon steps in to help.
  • Justice League Dark loses its director, again.
  • The Flash script is done, and good, and The Batman will face some villains.
  • Deadpool gets a new villain to face.
  • New Mutants will be scary.
  • Silver and Gold Black.
  • James Gunn holsters his Guardians 3 plans (for now) while Guardians 2 outgrosses Guardians 1.

All that, the Weekly Watched, and all the tangents. Like, all of them.

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