Episode #106 – Is it because I’m a lesbian?

The boys are back to fill you in on all the pop culture news.

  • Comcast still in the running to buy Fox
  • Get Out 2: Get Outter
  • Where’s Black Adam, Dwayne????
  • Goyer out of the MOTU
  • V coming back, again, again
  • Magnum PI reboot will be a lot like Magnum PI
  • Legion, season 2 premieres April 3
  • Arnold and Conan (but not Conan) coming to Amazon
  • Baba Wawa coming to The ‘flix
  • Jessica Jones, season 2 trailer
  • We know how many episodes Stranger Things season 3 will have
  • Bryan Fuller, tv’s Guillermo Del Toro, has stepped down from the Amazing Stories reboot for Apple
  • Facebook will stream more than pictures of your friends’ pets you don’t care about
  • The Doom Patrol coming to Titans
  • Chucky: The Series
  • More details about Disney’s new streaming service
  • Game of Thrones showrunners getting their own Star Wars trilogy
  • Solo trailer
  • More info on why Lord & Miller were replaced
  • Shazam shoots, maybe scores
  • Joaquin Phoenix is…..a….. Joker…..?
  • DC/WB want Michael Bay to direct Lobo
  • Rose Byrne not back for Dark Phoenix
  • Deadpool 2 trailer
  • Venom poster, and trailer
  • Marvel Studios celebrates 10 years
  • All that and the usual tangents.

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2 thoughts on “Episode #106 – Is it because I’m a lesbian?

  1. 1) You don’t need to watch Cult of Chucky. It’s a good idea that is super poorly executed. The only worth it has is bringing back a couple of the original characters from the first two movies (in cameos). 2) After the first one, the movies got a bit like the Nightmare on Elm St. sequels: moving from straight horror to kinda scary/gory with a super quippy villain. Though, to be fair, Curse of Chucky is actually pretty good. It’s more back to basics than the others. It’s worth a watch.

    By the by: Clark Gregg was unavailable (he was at a con in NY w/ the rest of the Shield cast) when the MCU photo was shot.

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